Name Locale Remarks Date
John Foster Dulles Pula, Brioni Met with President Tito. November 6, 1955
David Dean Rusk Belgrade Met with President Tito; returned official visit by the Yugoslav Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs. May 4–5, 1963
William Pierce Rogers Belgrade, Zagreb Accompanied President Nixon on a State visit. September 30–October 2, 1970
William Pierce Rogers Belgrade, Dubrovnik, Pula, Brioni Official visit. Met with President Tito July 9. July 7–9, 1972
Henry A Kissinger Belgrade Official visit. Met with President Tito and senior Yugoslav officials. November 4, 1974
Henry A Kissinger Belgrade Accompanied President Ford on an official visit. August 3–4, 1975
Alexander Meigs Haig Belgrade Official visit; met with President Kraigher and senior Yugoslav officials. September 12–13, 1981
George Pratt Shultz Belgrade Met with Prime Minister Planinc and Foreign Affairs Secretary Dizdarevic. December 17–18, 1985
James Addison Baker Belgrade Met with Prime Minister Markovic and with the presidents of the 6 republics. June 21–22, 1991
Warren Minor Christopher Belgrade Met with President Milosevic. February 4, 1996