Name Locale Remarks Date
Philander Chase Knox La Guaira, Caracas, Porto Cabello Met with President Gomez and Foreign Minister Matos; delivered several public addresses. March 22–25, 1912
John Foster Dulles Caracas Attended 10th Inter-American Conference. February 28–March 13, 1954
David Dean Rusk Caracas Met with President Leoni. November 13–14, 1965
William Pierce Rogers Caracas Met with President Caldera, Foreign Minister Calvani and senior Venezuelan officials. May 14–15, 1973
Henry A. (Heinz Alfred) Kissinger Caracas Met with President Perez and Foreign Minister Escovar Salom. February 16–18, 1976
Cyrus Roberts Vance Caracas Met with President Perez and senior Venezuelan officials. November 23, 1977
Cyrus Roberts Vance Caracas Accompanied President Carter. March 28–29, 1978
Alexander Meigs Haig Caracas Discussed the Falkland/ Malvinas crisis with Foreign Minister Zambrano. April 19, 1982
George Pratt Shultz Caracas Attended the inauguration of President Lusinchi and met with Central American Foreign Ministers. February 1–3, 1984
Madeleine Korbel Albright Caracas Accompanied President Clinton. October 12–13, 1997
Madeleine Korbel Albright Caracas Attended OAS General Assembly meeting. June 1–2, 1998