Name Locale Remarks Date
Elihu Root Montevideo Met with President Batlle y Ordonez and Foreign Minister Romeu; delivered several public addresses. August 10–13, 1906
Bainbridge Colby Montevideo Official visit; repaid 1918 visit by President (then Foreign Minister) Brum. December 28–31, 1920
Cordell Hull Montevideo Attended 7th International Conference of American States. November 28–December 26, 1933
Cordell Hull Montevideo Met with President Terra and delivered a public address. November 24, 1936
Christian Archibald Herter Montevideo Accompanied President Eisenhower on a good will tour. March 2–3, 1960
David Dean Rusk Punta del Este Attended the 8th Meeting of Consultation of the American Foreign Ministers. January 20–February 1, 1962
David Dean Rusk Montevideo Met with President Beltran. November 16, 1965
David Dean Rusk Punta del Este Attended the conference of OAS Heads of State and Foreign Ministers. April 7–14, 1967
George Pratt Shultz Montevideo Attended the inauguration of President Sanguinetti. Returned to Washington March 3. March 1–2, 1985
George Pratt Shultz Montevideo Met with President Sanguinetti and senior Uruguayan officials. August 4, 1988
Condoleezza Rice Montevideo Accompanied President Bush. March 9–11, 2007
Hillary Rodham Clinton Montevideo Attended the inauguration of President Mujica. March 1, 2010