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Name Locale Remarks Date
John Foster Dulles Bangkok Attended First Meeting of the SEATO Ministerial Council. February 22–26, 1955
John Foster Dulles Bangkok Met with Premier Pibul and senior Thai officials. March 13–14, 1956
David Dean Rusk Bangkok Attended the Seventh Annual Meeting of the SEATO Council of Ministers. March 26–30, 1961
David Dean Rusk Bangkok Met with Prime MinisterKittikachorn and Foreign Minister Khoman. May 31, 1964
David Dean Rusk Bangkok Met with senior Thai officials. January 14, 1966
David Dean Rusk Bangkok Accompanied President Johnson on a State visit. October 27–30, 1966
David Dean Rusk Bangkok Met with Foreign Minister Khoman and senior Thai officials. December 11–12, 1966
William Pierce Rogers Bangkok Attended the SEATO Council and Seven-Nation Meetings. May 19–23, 1969
George Pratt Shultz Bangkok Addressed the opening session of the ASEAN Post- Ministerial Meeting. June 26–29, 1983
George Pratt Shultz Bangkok Met with Prime Minister Prem and senior Thai officials. Also visited Cambodian refugee camps on the Thai border. July 8–10, 1985
George Pratt Shultz Bangkok Attended the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference. July 6–9, 1988
Warren Minor Christopher Bangkok Met with senior Thai officials. November 16–17, 1994
Madeleine Korbel Albright Chiang Mai, Bangkok Visited the Hill Tribes Institute in Chiang Mai; met with senior Thai officials. March 2–4, 1999
Madeleine Korbel Albright Bangkok Attended ASEAN Regional Forum and Post-Ministerial Conference; met with North Korean Foreign Minister Paek Nam Sun. July 28–29, 2000
Colin Luther Powell Bangkok Met with Foreign Minister Sathirathai. July 28–29, 2002
Colin Luther Powell Bangkok Attended the APEC Summit Meeting. October 17–21, 2003
Colin Luther Powell Bangkok, Phuket Assessed tsunami damage and relief efforts. January 3–4, 2005
Condoleezza Rice Phuket, Ban Bang Sak Met with Foreign Minister Suphamongkhon and Deputy Prime Minister Sathirathai and assessed tsunami relief aid. July 10–11, 2005
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bangkok, Phuket Met with Prime Minister Abhisit and Foreign Minister Kasit. Attended the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference and Regional Forum in Phuket. July 21–23, 2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bangkok Met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Announced flood recovery assistance. November 16–17, 2011
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bangkok Met with President Yingluck Chinnawat. Joined President Obama. November 18–19, 2012