Henry Lewis Stimson

Country Locale Remarks Date
United Kingdom London Attended the London Naval Conference. Left U.S. January 8; returned April 30. January 25–April 22, 1930
Canada Toronto Dedicated the Peace Monument during an unofficial visit. June 12–14, 1930
Italy Rome Discussed the European debt crisis and disarmament with Prime Minister Mussolini and Foreign Minister Grandi. Left U.S. June 27. July 9–14, 1931
France Paris Met with Premier Laval and Finance Minister Flandin. July 15–19, 1931
United Kingdom London Attended conference on the German economic crisis. July 19–24, 1931
Germany Berlin Met with President von Hindenburg and senior German officials. July 25–27, 1931
Netherlands The Hague Met with Dutch officials. July 27, 1931
United Kingdom London, Rogart Met with Prime Minister MacDonald; vacationed in Scotland. Returned to U.S. September 3. July 28–August 28, 1931
Switzerland Geneva Chairman of U.S. Delegation to Disarmament Conference. Left U.S. April 8; returned May 14. April 16–May 1, 1932