Edward Reilly Stettinius Jr.

Country Locale Remarks Date
Morocco Marrakesh Preparations for the Malta and Yalta Conferences. Left U.S. January 25. January 26–30, 1945
Italy Naples Discussed postwar issues and policy toward Italy with Presidential adviser Harry Hopkins. January 30–31, 1945
United Kingdom Malta Attended the Malta Conference. January 31–February 2, 1945
U.S.S.R. Yalta, Moscow Accompanied President Roosevelt to the Crimea Conference. Met afterward (February 11-14) with Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov. February 3–14, 1945
Egypt Cairo, Alexandria Met with Haile Selassie; conferred with President Roosevelt. February 14–15, 1945
Liberia Monrovia Met with President Tubman. February 16–17, 1945
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Met with President Vargas. February 17–19, 1945
Guatemala Guatemala City Met with the Presidential Triumvirate and Secretary of Foreign Relations Munoz Meany. February 20, 1945
Mexico Chapultepec Attended Inter-American Conference on the Problems of War and Peace. February 20–March 8, 1945
Cuba Havana Official visit. Returned to U.S. March 10. March 9, 1945