Elihu Root

Country Locale Remarks Date
United Kingdom Newfoundland, Labrador Gathered information on the fisheries question during a vacation trip. August 1–31, 1905
Brazil Para, Pernambuco, Bahia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Santos Attended Third International Conference of American States. Left U.S. July 4. July 17–August 7, 1906
Uruguay Montevideo Met with President Batlle y Ordonez and Foreign Minister Romeu; delivered several public addresses. August 10–13, 1906
Argentina Buenos Aires, Bahia Blanca Met with President Figueroa and Foreign Minister Montes; delivered several public addresses. August 14–21, 1906
Chile Lota, Santiago, Valparaiso Met with President Riesco and Foreign Minister Huneeus; delivered several public addresses. August 31–September 4, 1906
Peru Callao, Lima Met with President Pardo and Foreign Minister Prado; delivered several public addresses. September 10–16, 1906
Panama Panama City Met with President Amador and addressed the National Assembly. September 20–21, 1906
Colombia Cartagena Met with Foreign Minister Vasquez-Cobo. September 24, 1906
Canada Montreal, Ottawa Official visit at the invitation of the Governor-General. January 18–22, 1907
Mexico Mexico, D.F., Cuernavaca, Puebla, Orizaba, Guadalajara, Potosi Met with President Diaz, Foreign Minister Mariscal, and Governors of several Mexican States. Delivered several public addresses Left Washington September 26. September 29–October 16, 1907