Name Locale Remarks Date
Dean Gooderham Acheson Lisbon Attended 9th Session of the North Atlantic Council. February 20–26, 1952
David Dean Rusk Lisbon Discussed extension of U.S. base rights in the Azores. June 27–28, 1962
David Dean Rusk Lisbon Met with Premier Caetano and Foreign Minister Franco Nogueira. November 18–19, 1968
William Pierce Rogers Lisbon Met with Prime Minister Caetano and senior Portuguese officials. Amended an air transport agreement. May 29–31, 1970
William Pierce Rogers Lisbon Attended NATO Ministerial Meeting. June 1–6, 1971
William Pierce Rogers Terceira Island (Azores) Accoompanied President Nixon to meeting with French President Pompidou and Portuguese Prime Minister Caetano. December 12–14, 1971
Henry A. (Heinz Alfred) Kissinger Lisbon Official visit. Discussed bilateral relations with senior officials. December 17–18, 1973
Cyrus Roberts Vance Lisbon Signed Lajes Base Agreement. June 19, 1979
Alexander Meigs Haig Lisbon Met with Prime Minister Pinto and senior Portuguese officials. February 10–11, 1982
George Pratt Shultz Lisbon Signed a new agreement relating to economic and military assistance. December 12–13, 1983
George Pratt Shultz Lisbon Accompanied President Reagan on a State visit. May 8–10, 1985
George Pratt Shultz Lisbon Attended NATO Ministerial Meeting. June 6–7, 1985
James Addison Baker Lisbon Met with Prime Minister Cavaco Silva and Foreign Minister Pinheiro. February 15, 1989
James Addison Baker Lisbon Witnessed the signing of the Angola Peace Accords. May 31–June 1, 1991
James Addison Baker Lisbon Attended Conference on Assistance to the New Independent States. Signed protocol making Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Ukraine parties to the START Treaty. May 23–24, 1992
Warren Minor Christopher Lisbon Signed Agreement on Cooperation and Defense. June 1, 1995
Madeleine Korbel Albright Sintra Attended NATO Ministerial Meeting, the inaugural meeting of the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council, and a meeting of the Bosnian Peace Implementation Council. Also met with the Co-Presidents of Bosnia. May 29–30, 1997
Madeleine Korbel Albright Lisbon Attended U.S.-European Union Ministerial meeting. March 4–5, 2000
Madeleine Korbel Albright Lisbon Accompanied President Clinton to the U.S.-EU Summit Meeting and to a meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Barak. May 30–June 1, 2000
Condoleezza Rice Lisbon Attended a Quartet Principals’ meeting. July 19–20, 2007
Condoleezza Rice Lisbon Met with Foreign Minister Amado. September 4–5, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton Lisbon Attended the NATO and U.S.-European Union Summits, the NATO-Russia Summit, and the International Security Assistance Force Summit. November 18–20, 2010
Michael R. Pompeo Lisbon Met with Prime Minister António Costa and Foreign Minister Augusto Santos Silva. December 4–5, 2019