Name Locale Remarks Date
Elihu Root Callao, Lima Met with President Pardo and Foreign Minister Prado; delivered several public addresses. September 10–16, 1906
Cordell Hull Mollendo, Callao, Lima, Talara Met with President Benvenidez and Foreign Minister Solon Polo and delivered several public addresses. January 9–13, 1934
Cordell Hull Callao, Lima Attended 8th International Conference of American States. December 7–27, 1938
John Foster Dulles Lima Attended the inauguration of President Prado Ugarteche. July 26–28, 1956
William Pierce Rogers Lima Met with President Velasco and addressed the Andean Pact Junta. May 15–16, 1973
Henry A. (Heinz Alfred) Kissinger Lima Met with President Morales Bermudez and Foreign Minister de la Flor. February 18–19, 1976
Colin Luther Powell Lima Attended OAS General Assembly meeting. September 10–11, 2001
Colin Luther Powell Lima Accompanied President Bush to meetings with the Presidents of Peru, Colombia, and Bolivia, and the Vice President of Ecuador. March 22–23, 2002
Condoleezza Rice Lima Accompanied President Bush to the APEC Summit Meeting. November 21–23, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton Lima Attended a meeting of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States. June 6–8, 2010
Hillary Rodham Clinton Lima Met with President Ollanta Humala. Addressed Conference on Power: Women as Drivers of Growth and Social Inclusion. October 15–16, 2012
John Forbes Kerry Lima Met with President Ollanta Humala Tasso and French Foreign Minister Fabius. Addressed the COP-20. December 11, 2014
John Forbes Kerry Lima Attended an APEC Ministerial Meeting. November 16, 2016
Rex W. Tillerson Lima Met with President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski and Foreign Minister Cayetana Aljovin. February 5–6, 2018
Michael R. Pompeo Lima Met with President Vizcarra and Foreign Minister Popolizio. April 13, 2019