Frank Billings Kellogg

Country Locale Remarks Date
Canada Ft. Erie Attended dedication of the "Peace Bridge" between Buffalo, New York and Ft. Erie. August 7, 1927
Cuba Havana Attended the Sixth International Conference of American States with President Coolidge. Left U.S. January 14; returned January 20. January 15–17, 1928
Canada Ottawa Official visit. February 8–10, 1928
France Paris Negotiated and signed the Treaty on the Renunciation of War (Kellogg-Briand Pact). Left U.S. August 19. August 24–29, 1928
Ireland Kingstown, Dublin Official visit while returning from Paris. August 30–September 3, 1928
France Cherbourg Embarked for the U.S.; returned September 10. September 4, 1928