Name Locale Remarks Date
John Foster Dulles Djakarta Met with President Sukarno and senior Indonesian officials. March 12–13, 1956
William Pierce Rogers Djakarta Accompanied President Nixon on a State visit. July 27–28, 1969
William Pierce Rogers Bali Met with Foreign Minister Malik. August 5–7, 1969
William Pierce Rogers Djakarta Met with President Suharto and Foreign Minister Malik. June 30–July 1, 1972
Henry A. (Heinz Alfred) Kissinger Djakarta Accompanied President Ford on an official visit. December 5–6, 1975
Cyrus Roberts Vance Bali Attended meeting of ASEAN Foreign Ministers. July 1–3, 1979
George Pratt Shultz Jakarta Attended ASEAN discussions. July 11–14, 1984
George Pratt Shultz Bali Accompanied President Reagan to ASEAN Ministerial Meeting. April 29–May 2, 1986
George Pratt Shultz Jakarta Met with President Suharto and senior Indonesian officials. Signed agreements on double taxation. July 9–11, 1988
James Addison Baker Jakarta Attended ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference. July 26–29, 1990
Warren Minor Christopher Jakarta Attended APEC Ministerial Meeting. November 10–12, 1994
Warren Minor Christopher Jakarta, Bogor Attended APEC Summit Meeting. November 13–16, 1994
Warren Minor Christopher Jakarta Ministerial Conference. Met with the Indonesian Human Rights Commission and with Russian Foreign Minister Primakov. July 23–25, 1996
Madeleine Korbel Albright Jakarta Met with senior Indonesian officials and East Timor leader Xanana Gusmao. March 4–5, 1999
Colin Luther Powell Jakarta Met with President Sukarnoputri and senior officials. August 2, 2002
Colin Luther Powell Jakarta Attended the ASEAN Regional and Post-Ministerial meetings. July 1–2, 2004
Colin Luther Powell Jakarta, Banda Aceh Assessed tsunami damage and relief efforts. Attended ASEAN Leaders’ Special Meeting on Tsunami Relief. January 4–7, 2005
Condoleezza Rice Jakarta Met with President Yudhoyono and Foreign Minister Wirajuda.  Addressed Indonesia Council on World Affairs. March 13–15, 2006
Condoleezza Rice Bogor Accompanied President Bush. November 20, 2006
Hillary Rodham Clinton Jakarta Met with Foreign Minister Wirajuda and ASEAN Secretary General Pitsuwa. February 18–19, 2009
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bali Attended the ASEAN Regional Forum and the U.S.-Lower Mekong Ministerial meetings, the Second U.S.-Indonesia Joint Committee meeting, and the U.S.-Japan-Republic of Korea Trilateral meeting. July 21–25, 2011
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bali Attended the East Asia Summit and the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Meeting. Addressed the Millenium Challenge Corporation signing ceremony. November 17–19, 2011
Hillary Rodham Clinton Jakarta Met with Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, President Susilo Yudhoyono and ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan. Discussed U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership. September 3–4, 2012
John Forbes Kerry Bali Attended the APEC Ministerial Meeting and the APEC CEO Summit Meeting. Signed Nuclear Risk Reduction Agreement with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. October 4–9, 2013
John Forbes Kerry Jakarta Met with ASEAN Secretary-General Li Luong Minh, Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa. Delivered an address on climate change. Attended a Joint Commission meeting. Signed Memoranda of Understanding on South-South Triangular Cooperation and Wildlife Trafficking. February 16–17, 2014
John Forbes Kerry Jakarta Attended the inauguration of Joko Widodo. October 20–21, 2014
Michael R. Pompeo Jakarta Met with senior Indonesian officials to discuss U.S.-Indonesia Strategic Partnership. August 4–5, 2018
Michael R. Pompeo Jakarta Met with President Joko Widodo and Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi. October 28–29, 2020