Charles Evans Hughes

Country Locale Remarks Date
United Kingdom Bermuda Vacation. Left U.S. February 15; returned March 6. February 17–March 4, 1922
Brazil Rio de Janeiro U.S. Special Mission to Brazil. Attended ceremonies commemorating centenary of Brazilian independence. Left U.S. August 24; returned September 23. September 5–12, 1922
Canada Montreal Addressed meeting of Canadian Bar Association. September 4–6, 1923
United Kingdom London As President of the American Bar Association, attended an international law convention. Left U.S. July 12. July 19–28, 1924
France Paris Visited with French international lawyers. July 28–31, 1924
Belgium Brussels, Malines Received honorary degrees from the Universities of Brussels and Louvain. July 31–August 2, 1924
Germany Berlin Met with President Ebert and Foreign Minister Stresemann. Returned to U.S. August 14. August 3–4, 1924