Name Locale Remarks Date
Philander Chase Knox San Jose, Guatemala City, Quirigua, Puerto Barrios Met with President Estrada Cabrera and Foreign Minister Toledo Herrarte; addressed the Legislature. March 14–17, 1912
Edward Reilly Stettinius Guatemala City Met with the Presidential Triumvirate and Secretary of Foreign Relations Munoz Meany. February 20, 1945
Henry A. (Heinz Alfred) Kissinger Guatemala City Discussed disaster relief assistance with President Laugerud Garcia and senior Guatemalan officials. February 24, 1976
George Pratt Shultz Guatemala City Attended OAS General Assembly Meeting. November 10–11, 1986
George Pratt Shultz Guatemala City Met with President Vicinio Cerezo. Signed an economic assistance agreement. Met with Nicaraguan Resistance leaders. June 29, 1988
George Pratt Shultz Guatemala City Met with the Foreign Ministers of Guatemala, Costa Rica, Honduras, and El Salvador. August 1, 1988
James Addison Baker Guatemala City, Antigua Guatemala Met with Presidents of the Central American Republics. June 17–19, 1990
Madeleine Korbel Albright Guatemala City, Tuluche Signed agreement on cross-border auto thefts and visited a demobilization camp. May 4, 1997
Madeleine Korbel Albright Antigua Guatemala Attended Central American Summit Meeting. March 10–11, 1999
Condoleezza Rice Guatemala City Accompanied President Bush. March 11–12, 2007
Hillary Rodham Clinton Guatemala City Met with President Colom and with leaders of the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic. March 5, 2010
Hillary Rodham Clinton Guatemala City Attended the Conference of Support for the Central American Security Strategy. June 22, 2011
John Forbes Kerry Guatemala City Attended the OAS General Assembly. June 4–5, 2013