Name Locale Remarks Date
Cordell Hull La Libertad, Manta, Bahia Met with Ecuadorean officials and delivered public addresses. January 13–14, 1934
Cordell Hull Guayaquil Delivered a public address en route to conference in Lima. December 4, 1938
Cordell Hull Guayaquil Delivered a public address while returning to U.S. December 30, 1938
John Foster Dulles Quito Met with Foreign Minister Villagomez Yepez. July 25, 1956
Cyrus Roberts Vance Quito Attended the inauguration of President Roldos. August 9–12, 1979
George Pratt Shultz Guayaquil Met with President Febres Cordero. February 28, 1985
George Pratt Shultz Quito Met with President-elect Borja. August 10, 1988
Madeleine Korbel Albright Quito Met with President Noboa and the Foreign and Defense Ministers. August 18–19, 2000
Colin Luther Powell Quito Attended OAS General Assembly meeting. June 7, 2004
Hillary Rodham Clinton Quito Met with President Correa. June 8, 2010
Michael R. Pompeo Guayaquil Met with President Lenín Moreno and Foreign Minister José Valencia. July 20, 2019