Name Locale Remarks Date
Elihu Root Cartagena Met with Foreign Minister Vasquez-Cobo. September 24, 1906
Cordell Hull Buenaventura Met with Colombian officials and delivered public addresses. January 15, 1934
Cordell Hull Buenaventura Delivered a public address en route to conference in Lima. December 2, 1938
Cordell Hull Buenaventura Delivered a public address while returning to U.S. January 1, 1939
George Catlett Marshall Bogota Attended Ninth International Conference of American States. March 30–April 25, 1948
John Foster Dulles Bogota Met with President Rojas Pinilla and senior Colombian officials. July 24–25, 1956
William Pierce Rogers Bogota Met with President Pastrana, Foreign Minister Vasquez, and senior Colombian officials. May 17–18, 1973
Henry A Kissinger Bogota Met with President Lopez Michelson and Foreign Minister Lievano Aguirre. February 22–23, 1976
George Pratt Shultz Bogota Accompanied President Reagan on an official working visit. December 3, 1982
George Pratt Shultz Cartagena Attended the opening session of OAS General Assembly. December 1, 1985
George Pratt Shultz Bogota Attended the inauguration of President Barco. August 6–7, 1986
James Addison Baker Cartagena Accompanied President Bush to Drug Summit Meeting with the Presidents of Colombia, Bolivia, and Peru. February 15, 1990
James Addison Baker Bogota Discussed the Persian Gulf crisis with President Gaviria and Foreign Minister Jaramillo. November 24, 1990
Madeleine Korbel Albright Cartagena Discussed anti-narcotics assistance with President Pastrana. January 14–15, 2000
Madeleine Korbel Albright Cartagena Accompanied President Clinton. August 30, 2000
Colin Luther Powell Bogota Met with President Uribe and Foreign Minister Barcos. December 3–4, 2002
Condoleezza Rice Bogota Met with President Uribe and Foreign Minister Barco. April 27–28, 2005
Condoleezza Rice Bogota Accompanied President Bush. March 11, 2007
Condoleezza Rice Medellin Led a Congressional delegation to discuss a free-trade agreement and security issues. January 24–25, 2008
Hillary Rodham Clinton Bogota Met with President Uribe. June 8–9, 2010
Hillary Rodham Clinton Cartagena Attended the 6th Summit of the Americas. April 13–16, 2012
John Forbes Kerry Bogota Met with President Juan Manuel Santos, Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin, Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzon, and Colombian Peace Negotiators. August 12–13, 2013
John Forbes Kerry Bogota Met with President Juan Manuel Santos and Foreign Minister Maria Angela Holguin. December 12, 2014
John Forbes Kerry Cartagena Attended the signing of the Colombian Peace Accord. September 26, 2016