Hillary Rodham Clinton

Country Locale Remarks Date
Japan Tokyo Met with Foreign Minister Nakasone. February 16–18, 2009
Indonesia Jakarta Met with Foreign Minister Wirajuda and ASEAN Secretary General Pitsuwa. February 18–19, 2009
Korea, Republic of Seoul Met with Foreign Minister Yu; gave an address at Ewha Women’s University. February 19–20, 2009
China, People’s Republic of Beijing Met with Foreign Minister Yang. February 20–21, 2009
Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh Attended the International Conference in Support of the Palestinian Economy for the Reconstruction of Gaza. March 2–3, 2009
Israel Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Met with President Peres, Prime Minister Olmert, and Foreign Minister Livni. March 3–5, 2009
Palestinian Authority Ramallah Met with President Abbas. March 4, 2009
Belgium Brussels Attended a NATO Foreign Ministers’ meeting and met with the EU and Swiss Foreign Ministers. March 5–6, 2009
Switzerland Geneva Met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. March 6–7, 2009
Turkey Ankara Met with Foreign Minister Babacan. March 7, 2009
Mexico Mexico City, Monterrey Met with Foreign Secretary Espinosa and discussed the Merida Initiative. March 25–26, 2009
Netherlands The Hague Attended the International Conference of Afghanistan. March 31–April 1, 2009
United Kingdom London Attended the G-20 Economic Summit with President Obama. April 1–3, 2009
France Strasbourg Accompanied President Obama to the NATO Summit Meeting. April 3–4, 2009
Germany Baden-Baden Accompanied President Obama. April 3–4, 2009
Czech Republic Prague Accompanied President Obama. April 4–5, 2009
Haiti Port-au-Prince Met with President Preval and Prime Minister Pierre-Louis. April 16, 2009
Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Met with President Fernandez. April 16–17, 2009
Trinidad and Tobago Port of Spain Attended the Fifth Summit of the Americas. April 17–19, 2009
Kuwait Kuwait City Met with Foreign Minister al-Sabah and members of the Office of Military Cooperation. April 24–25, 2009
Iraq Baghdad Met with President Talebani, Prime Minister al-Maliki and senior officials. Visited U.S. military personnel, a Provincial Reconstruction Team, and attended a town meeting. April 25, 2009
Lebanon Beirut Met with President Sleiman and Foreign Minister Salloukh. April 26, 2009
El Salvador San Salvador Attended the inauguration of President Funes and a ministerial meeting of Pathways to Prosperity in America. May 31–June 1, 2009
Honduras San Pedro Sula Attended an OAS General Assembly meeting. June 2, 2009
Canada Niagara Falls (Ontario) Commemorated the 100th anniversary of the Canada-U.S. Boundary Waters Treaty, and met with Foreign Minister Cannon. June 13, 2009
India Mumbai, New Delhi Met with Prime Minister Singh and External Affairs Minister Krishna. Discussed a U.S.-India strategic partnership. July 17–21, 2009
Thailand Bangkok, Phuket Met with Prime Minister Abhisit and Foreign Minister Kasit. Attended the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference and Regional Forum in Phuket. July 21–23, 2009
Kenya Nairobi Attended the 8th AGOA Forum. Met with Somalian President Sheikh Ahmed. August 4–7, 2009
South Africa Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban Addressed an International Development Corporation event. Met with former Presidents Mandela and de Klerk and with President Zuma. August 7–9, 2009
Angola Luanda Met with Foreign Minister dos Anjos, addressed the National Assembly and signed a memorandum of understanding with Chevron and USAID. August 9–10, 2009
Democratic Republic of the Congo (Zaire) Kinshasa, Goma Met with Prime Minister Muzito and President Kabila. Attended a round-table on gender-based violence issues. August 10–11, 2009
Nigeria Abuja Met with Foreign Minister Maduekwe. August 11–13, 2009
Liberia Monrovia Met with President Johnson-Sirleaf. Addressed the National Assembly. August 13–14, 2009
Cape Verde Sal Met with Prime Minister Neves. August 14, 2009
Switzerland Zurich Witnessed the signing of a protocol to normalize relations between Armenia and Turkey. October 9–10, 2009
United Kingdom London Met with Prime Minister Brown and Foreign Secretary Miliband. October 10–12, 2009
Ireland Dublin Met with Prime Minister Cowen. October 11, 2009
United Kingdom Belfast Met with Northern Irish First Minister Robinson and Deputy First Minister McGuiness. Addressed the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Northern Ireland Business Working Group. October 11–12, 2009
Russia Moscow, Kazan Met with President Medvedev and Foreign Minister Lavrov concerning arms control, nonproliferation, and counterterrorism. In Kazan, met with Tatarstan President Shaymiyev and attended a dialogue on diversity at Kazan State University. October 12–14, 2009
Pakistan Islamabad, Lahore Met with Foreign Minister Qureshi. Announced several assistance programs. October 28–30, 2009
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Met with Palestinian Authority President Abbas. October 30, 2009
Israel Jerusalem Met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and Foreign Minister Lieberman. October 30–November 2, 2009
Morocco Marrakesh Met with King Mohammed VI and Foreign Minister Fassi-Fihri and with the GCC+3 Foreign Ministers. Attended the 6th Forum for the Future. November 2–3, 2009
Egypt Cairo Met with President Mubarak, Foreign Minister Aboul Gheit, and Special Envoy Mitchell. November 3–4, 2009
Germany Berlin Attended ceremonies commemorating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Met with Chancellor Merkel and Foreign Minister Westerwelle. November 8–9, 2009
Singapore Singapore Attended APEC Forum and Ministerial meetings. November 10–12, 2009
Philippines Manila Met with President Arroyo and Foreign Secretary Romulo. Announced new disaster relief program. November 12–13, 2009
Singapore Singapore Attended APEC Leaders’ Meeting with President Obama. November 13–16, 2009
China, People’s Republic of Beijing, Shanghai Accompanied President Obama. Dedicated the USA Pavilion at the Shanghai Expo. November 16–18, 2009
Afghanistan Kabul Attended the inauguration of President Karzai. November 18–19, 2009
Belgium Brussels Attended a NATO Foreign Minister’s Meeting, a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council, and met with representatives of non-NATO ISAF-contributing countries. December 4, 2009
Denmark Copenhagen Attended the UN Climate Change Conference. December 18–19, 2009
Haiti Port-au-Prince Met with Haitian officials and assessed disaster relief efforts. January 16, 2010
Canada Montreal Attended the Haiti Ministerial Preparatory Conference. January 25, 2010
United Kingdom London Attended a ministerial meeting on Yemen and the International Conference on Afghanistan. January 26–29, 2010
France Paris Met with President Sarkozy and Foreign Minister Kouchner. Delivered an address on European security. January 29, 2010
Qatar Doha Met with Amir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani and Foreign Minister Hamad bin Jassin al-Thani. Addressed the U.S.-Islamic World Forum. February 14–15, 2010
Saudi Arabia Riyadh, Jeddah Met with King Abdullah and Foreign Minister Prince Saud. Visited the Organization of the Islamic Conference headquarters and made a speech at the Dar Al-Hekma College in Jeddah on February 16. February 15–16, 2010
Uruguay Montevideo Attended the inauguration of President Mujica. March 1, 2010
Argentina Buenos Aires Met with President Fernandez de Kirchner. March 1–2, 2010
Chile Santiago Met with President Bachelet and President-elect Pinera. Discussed disaster relief. March 2, 2010
Brazil Brasilia, Sao Paulo Met with President Lula da Silva and Foreign Minister Amorim. Held a Townterview at Zumbi dos Palmares University in Sao Paulo. March 2–3, 2010
Costa Rica San Jose Addressed the Pathways to Prosperity in the Americas Ministerial Meeting and met with President Arias and President-elect Chinchilla. March 4–5, 2010
Guatemala Guatemala City Met with President Colom and with leaders of the Central American countries and the Dominican Republic. March 5, 2010
Russia Moscow Attended a Quarted meeting and discussed strategic arms reductions. March 18–19, 2010
Mexico Mexico City Attended a U.S.-Mexico High Level Consultative Group meeting and met with President Calderon and Foreign Secretary Espinosa. March 23, 2010
Canada Ottawa, Gatineau Attended a meeting of the Foreign Ministers of the Arctic Coastal States and a meeting of the G-8 Foreign Ministers. March 29–30, 2010
Czech Republic Prague Accompanied President Obama to the signing of a Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Russia. April 8–9, 2010
Estonia Tallinn Attended a NATO Informal Ministerial Meeting. Met with President Ilves and Foreign Minister Paet. April 22–23, 2010
Japan Tokyo Met with Foreign Minister Okada. May 21, 2010
China, People’s Republic of Shanghai, Beijing Visited the Shanghai 2010 Expo and attended a dinner for sponsors of the USA Pavilion. In Beijing, attended the second meeting of the U.S.-China Strategic and Economic Dialogue. May 21–26, 2010
Korea, Republic of Seoul Met with Foreign Minister Yu. May 26, 2010
Peru Lima Attended a meeting of the General Assembly of the Organization of American States. June 6–8, 2010
Ecuador Quito Met with President Correa. June 8, 2010
Colombia Bogota Met with President Uribe. June 8–9, 2010
Barbados Bridgetown Attended a meeting of the CARICOM Foreign Ministers and announced the Caribbean Basin Security Initiative. June 9–10, 2010
Ukraine Kyiv Met with President Yanukovych and Foreign Minister Hryshchenko. Attended the second meeting of the U.S.-Ukraine Strategic Partnership. July 1–2, 2010
Poland Krakow Met with Foreign Minister Sikorski. Commemorated the 10th anniversary of the founding of the Community of Democracies. Signed a ballistic missile defense agreement. July 2–3, 2010
Azerbaijan Baku Met with President Aliyev and Foreign Minister Mammadyarov. July 4, 2010
Armenia Yerevan Met with President Sargsian and Foreign Minister Nalbandian and with civic leaders. July 4–5, 2010
Georgia Tbilisi Met with President Saakashvili, Foreign Minister Vashadze, and political and civil leaders. July 5, 2010
Pakistan Islamabad Met with President Zardari, Prime Minister Gillani and Foreign Minister Qureshi. Attended a Strategic Dialogue meeting and announced a series of aid agreements. Promoted a trade agreement between Pakistan and Afghanistan. July 18–19, 2010
Afghanistan Kabul Met with President Karzai and attended an international conference on the future of Afghanistan. July 19–20, 2010
Korea, Republic of Seoul, Panmunjon Commemorated the 60th anniversary of the Korean War. Visited the DMZ. With Secretary of Defense Gates, attended a 2+2 meeting with South Korea’s Foreign Minister and Minister of National Defense and with President Lee Myung-bak. July 20–21, 2010
Vietnam Hanoi Attended the ASEAN Post-Ministerial Conference and Regional Forum Ministerial. Discussed the Lower Mekong Initiative. July 21–23, 2010
Egypt Sharm el-Sheikh Participated in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. September 14–25, 2010
Israel Jerusalem Met with President Peres and participated in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. September 15–16, 2010
Palestinian Authority Ramallah Met with President Abbas and Prime Minister Fayyad. September 16, 2010
Jordan Amman Met with King Abdullah II. September 16–17, 2010
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Dedicated new embassy compound, met with senior officials and with civil society representatives. October 12, 2010
Serbia Belgrade Met with President Tadic. October 12–13, 2010
Kosovo Pristina Met with Prime Minister Faci and with civil society representatives. October 13, 2010
Belgium Brussels Attended a NATO Ministerial meeting and met with the European Council President and the High Representative for Foreign Affairs. October 13–14, 2010
Vietnam Hanoi Attended the East Asia Summit and the Lower Mekong Initiative meetings. October 29–30, 2010
China, People’s Republic of Hainan Met with State Councilor Dai Bingguo. October 30, 2010
Cambodia Phnom Penh, Angkor Wat Met with Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister Namhong. October 30–November 1, 2010
Malaysia Kuala Lumpur Met with Foreign Minister Aman. November 1–3, 2010
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby Met with Prime Minister Somare and visited a mangrove reforestation project. November 3, 2010
New Zealand Wellington, Christchurch Met with Prime Minister Key and Foreign Minister McCully. Visited the U.S. Antarctic Center. November 3–5, 2010
Australia Melbourne Attended the Australia-United States Ministerial Consultation. Met with the Prime Minister Gillard and Foreign Minister Rudd. November 5–7, 2010
Portugal Lisbon Attended the NATO and U.S.-European Union Summits, the NATO-Russia Summit, and the International Security Assistance Force Summit. November 18–20, 2010
Kazakhstan Astana Led the U.S. delegation to the OSCE. Met with President Nazarbayev and Foreign Minister Saudabayev. November 30–December 2, 2010
Kyrgyz Republic Bishkek Met with President Otunbayeva and addressed U.S. military personnel at the Manas Transit Center. December 2, 2010
Uzbekistan Tashkent Met with President Karimov. December 2, 2010
Bahrain Manama Met with Foreign Minister al-Khalifa. Delivered the keynote address at the Manama Dialogue 2010. December 3–4, 2010
Canada Wakefield (Quebec) Attended the North American Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. December 13, 2010
Brazil Brasilia Attended the inauguration of President Rouseff. January 1, 2011
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Addressed the Masdar Institute. January 9–11, 2011
Yemen Sana'a Met with President Saleh. Addressed a Town Meeting. January 11, 2011
Oman Muscat Addressed a Town Meeting with Omani Civil Society. January 12, 2011
Qatar Doha Met with Prime Minister al-Thani. Addressed the Seventh Forum for the Future. January 12–13, 2011
Mexico Guanajuato Met with Foreign Secretary Espinosa. January 24, 2011
Haiti Port-au-Prince Met with President Preval and with political and civic leaders. January 30, 2011
Germany Munich Attended the Munich Security Conference and exchanged ratifications of the new START Treaty with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov. February 5–6, 2011
Switzerland Geneva Discussed the crisis in Libya and addressed the Conference on Disarmament and the UN Human Rights Council. February 28, 2011
France Paris Attended a G-8 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. March 14–15, 2011
Egypt Cairo Met with Prime Minister Sharaf, Foreign Minister al-Araby, and civic leaders. March 15–17, 2011
Tunisia Tunis Met with Prime Minister Kefi. March 17, 2011
France Paris Attended a Summit Meeting on the Libyan Crisis. March 19, 2011
United Kingdom London Attended the International Conference on the Libyan Crisis. March 29, 2011
Germany Berlin Attended a NATO Foreign Ministers’ Meeting and meetings of the NATO-Georgia and NATO Ukraine Commisions and the NATO-Russia Council. Attended a memorial Service for Ambassador Holbrooke and received the Rathenau Prize. April 14–15, 2011
Korea, Republic of Seoul Met with President Lee and Foreign Minister Kim. April 16–17, 2011
Japan Tokyo Met with Prime Minister Kan and Foreign Minister Matsumoto. April 17, 2011
Italy Rome Attended a Libya Contact Group Meeting. May 5–6, 2011
Denmark (Greenland) Nuuk Attended the Seventh Ministerial Meeting of the Arctic Council. Signed Arctic Search and Rescue Agreement. May 11–12, 2011
United Kingdom London Accompanied President Obama on a State Visit. May 23–25, 2011
France Paris Attended the 5oth Anniversary OECD Ministerial Meeting. Inaugurated UNESCO’s Global Partnership for Girls’ and Women’s Education. May 25–26, 2011
Pakistan Islamabad Met with President Zardari and Pakistani government and military leaders. May 27, 2011
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi Attended a meeting of the Libya Contact Group. June 9–10, 2011
Zambia Lusaka Attended a meeting of the African Growth and Opportunity Act Ministerial Forum. Met with President Banda. June 10–11, 2011
Tanzania Dar es Salaam Attended a meeting on nutrition and the 1,000 Days Initiative. Met with President Kikwete. June 11–13, 2011
Ethiopia Addis Ababa Addressed the African Union Assembly. Met with Chairperson Ping and Ethiopian Prime Minister Zenawi. June 13–14, 2011
Guatemala Guatemala City Attended the Conference of Support for the Central American Security Strategy. June 22, 2011
Jamaica Montego Bay Attended the High Level U.S.-Caribbean Conference. June 22, 2011
Hungary Budapest Dedicated the Lantos Institute. Met with Prime Minister Orban and Foreign Minister Martonyi. June 29–30, 2011
Lithuania Vilnius Attended the 6th Ministerial meeting of the Community of Democracies. Met with President Grybauskaite and Prime Minister Kubilius. June 30–July 1, 2011
Spain Madrid Met with President Rodriquez Zapatero and Foreign Minister Jimenez. July 1–2, 2011
Turkey Istanbul Attended a Libya Contact Group meeting. Met with President Gul, Prime Minister Erdogan, and Foreign Minister Davutoglu. Attended a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference on combating religious intolerance. July 15–17, 2011
Greece Athens Met with President Papoulios, Prime Minister Panandreou, and Foreign Minister Lambrinidis. Signed a memorandum of understanding to preserve Greece’s cultural heritage. July 17–18, 2011
Indonesia Bali Attended the ASEAN Regional Forum and the U.S.-Lower Mekong Ministerial meetings, the Second U.S.-Indonesia Joint Committee meeting, and the U.S.-Japan-Republic of Korea Trilateral meeting. July 21–25, 2011
China, People’s Republic of Hong Kong, Shenzhen Met with the Hong Kong Executive and Legislative Council, and with State Councilor Dai Bingguo in Shenzhen. July 25, 2011
France Paris Attended a meeting of the Contact Group on Libya. September 1, 2011
Malta Valletta Met with Prime Minister Gonzi. October 18–19, 2011
Libya Tripoli Met with Transitional National Council President Jalil and Prime Minister Jabril. October 18, 2011
Oman Muscat Met with Sultan Qaboos. October 19–20, 2011
Afghanistan Kabul Met with President Karzai and Afghan civil leaders. October 20, 2011
Pakistan Islamabad Met with Prime Minister Gilani, Foreign Minister Khar, and President Zardari. October 20–21, 2011
Tajikistan Dushanbe Met with President Rahmon and Foreign Minister Zarifi. Addressed civil society representatives. October 21–22, 2011
Uzbekistan Tashkent Met with President Karimov. October 22, 2011
Philippines Manila Signed the Manila Declaration and a Partnership for Growth agreement. Received the Order of Lakandula. November 15–16, 2011
Thailand Bangkok Met with Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra. Announced flood recovery assistance. November 16–17, 2011
Indonesia Bali Attended the East Asia Summit and the U.S.-ASEAN Leaders Meeting. Addressed the Millenium Challenge Corporation signing ceremony. November 17–19, 2011
Korea, Republic of Busan Attended the Fourth High-Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness and the Partnership for Growth Meeting. November 30, 2011
Burma Nay Pyi Taw, Rangoon Met with President Thein Sein, Foreign Minister Lwin, Aung San Suu Kyi, and civic and minority representatives. November 30–December 2, 2011
Germany Bonn Attended the International Conference for Afghanistan. December 5, 2011
Lithuania Vilnius Attended an OSCE Ministerial Meeting. Met with members of Belarus civil society. December 6, 2011
Switzerland Geneva Commemorated International Human Rights Day and the anniversaries of the Refugee and Statelessness Conventions. Met with members of the Syrian National Council. Addressed the 7th Biological and Toxin Weapons Review Conference. December 6–7, 2011
Belgium Brussels Attended the NATO Ministerial Meeting and a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council. Signed the U.S.-Slovak Joint Action Plan to Combat Nuclear Smuggling. December 7–8, 2011
Netherlands The Hague Met with Foreign Minister Rosenthal and addressed the Conference on Internet Freedom. December 8, 2011
Czech Republic Prague Attended the funeral of former President Vaclav Havel. December 23, 2011
Cape Verde Sal Refueling stop en route to Liberia. January 15, 2012
Liberia Monrovia Attended the inauguration of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf; dedicated a new U.S. Embassy compound. January 16–17, 2012
Cote d'Ivoire Abidjan Met with President Alassane Ouattara and Foreign Minister Daniel Kablan Duncan. Addressed the Center for Research and Action for Peace. January 17, 2012
Togo Lome Met with President Faure Gnassingbe. January 17, 2012
Cape Verde Sal Met with President Jose Neves. January 17, 2012
Germany Munich Attended the 48th Munich Security Conference. February 4–5, 2012
Bulgaria Sofia Met with President Rosen Plevneliev, senior officials and young Roma professionals. February 5, 2012
Mexico Los Cabos Attended a G-20 Ministerial Meeting. Signed U.S.-Mexico Transboundary Agreement. February 19–20, 2012
United Kingdom London Attended the Conference on Somalia. February 23–24, 2012
Tunisia Tunis Attended the “Friends of Syria” meeting. Met with President Moncef Marzouki and Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali. Held a townhall meeting. February 24–25, 2012
Algeria Algiers Met with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika and held a civil society roundtable. February 25–26, 2012
Morocco Rabat Met with Royal Counselor Fahri Fihri and Foreign Minister Saad Eddine al-Othmani. Hosted the ground-breaking ceremony for a new Embassy. February 26, 2012
Saudi Arabia Riyadh Met with King Abdullah and Foreign Minister Prince Saud. Attended the First Ministerial Meeting of the Gulf Cooperation Council-U.S. Strategic Cooperation Forum. March 30–31, 2012
Turkey Istanbul Attended the second meeting of the “Friends of the Syrian People.” Met with Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, Foreign Minister Ahmed Davutoglu, Arab League Secretary-General Nabil al-Araby, and the Syrian National Council. March 31–April 1, 2012
Colombia Cartagena Attended the 6th Summit of the Americas. April 13–16, 2012
Brazil Brasilia Attended the 3rd U.S.-Brazil Global Partnership Dialogue. Addressed the First Annual meeting of the Open Government Partnership. April 16–18, 2012
Belgium Brussels Attended a joint meeting of NATO Foreign and Defense Ministers, and a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council. April 18–19, 2012
France Paris Attended an ad hoc ministerial meeting on Syria. April 19, 2012
China, People’s Republic of Beijing Attended the 4th joint meeting of the U.S.-China Economic and Strategic Dialogue and the 3rd U.S.-China High Level Consultation on People-to-People Exchange. May 2–5, 2012
Bangladesh Dhaka Met with Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Wajed, Foreign Minister Dipu Moni, and civil society representatives. Signed Agreement to Establish Partnership. May 5–6, 2012
India Kolkata, New Delhi Attended an Anti-Trafficking Champions event. Met with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Foreign Minister Somanahalli Krishna. May 6–8, 2012
Denmark Copenhagen Met with Queen Margrethe II, Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, and Foreign Minister Villy Sovndal. Attended a green partnership for growth event. May 31–June 1, 2012
Norway Oslo, Tromso Met with King Harald V, Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, and Foreign Minister Jonas Stoere. Addressed a global health conference. Took part in a meeting on the High North at Tromso. May 31–June 3, 2012
Sweden Stockholm Met with Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt and Foreign Minister Carl Bildt. Addressed a meeting of the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. June 3–4, 2012
Armenia Yerevan Met with President Serz Sargsian and Foreign Minister Eduard Nalbandian. Addressed the Universal Rights Award Ceremony. June 4–5, 2012
Georgia Batumi Met with President Mikheil Saakashvili and Prime Minister Nika Gilauri. Opened the omnibus session of the U.S.-Georgia Strategic Partnership Commission. June 5–6, 2012
Azerbaijan Baku Met with President Ilham Alyiev and Foreign Minister Elmar Mammadyarov. Attended the Caspian Oil and Gas Show. June 6–7, 2012
Turkey Istanbul Met with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, Deputy Prime Minister Ali Babacan, and Swiss Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter. Co-chaired the Global Counterterrorism Forum. June 7, 2012
Mexico Los Cabos Attended the G-20 Meeting. June 18–19, 2012
Brazil Rio de Janeiro Attended the UN Conference on Sustainable Development. June 20–22, 2012
Finland Helsinki Met with President Sauli Niinisto, Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen, and Foreign Minister Erkki Tuomioja. Signed General Security of Information Agreement. Attended Climate Clean Air Coalition Event. June 27–28, 2012
Latvia Riga Met with President Andris Berzins, Prime Minister Valdis Dombrovskis, and Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevics. Signed Academic Exchange Program Agreement and an agreement supporting justice sector reform in Moldova. Dedicated Sumner Welles Street. June 28, 2012
Russia St. Petersburg Attended the APEC Women and the Economy Forum. Met with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. June 28–29, 2012
Switzerland Geneva Attended a P3 meeting and the opening session of the Action Group on Syria. June 29–30, 2012
France Paris Met with President Francois Hollande, Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, Syrian opposition leaders, and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas. Attended a Friends of the Syrian People Ministerial Meeting. July 6–7, 2012
Afghanistan Kabul Met with President Hamid Karzai. Announced the designation of Afghanistan as a Major Non-NATO Ally. July 7, 2012
Japan Tokyo Met with Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda and Foreign Minister Koichiro Gemba. Attended the Conference on Afghanistan. July 7–9, 2012
Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Met with President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj and Prime Minister Sukhbaatar Batbold. Addressed the International Women’s Leadership Forum, the Leaders Engaged in New Democracies Network, and the Community of Democracies Governing Council. July 9, 2012
Vietnam Hanoi Met with Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung and Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh. Attended an American Chamber of Commerce Reception. July 10–11, 2012
Laos Vientiane Met with Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and Foreign Minister Thongloun Sisoulith. July 11, 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh, Siem Reap Met with Prime Minister Hun Sen. Attended the U.S.-ASEAN and East Asia Summit Ministerial Meetings and the East Asia Regional Forum Retreat. Attended a Friends of the Lower Mekong Ministerial Meeting. In Siem Reap, met with the Prime Minister of Thailand and the President of Burma, addressed the Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment Policy Dialogue, and attended a U.S.-ASEAN Business Forum. July 11–13, 2012
Egypt Cairo, Alexandria Met with President Mohammed Morsi, Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr, Field Marshal Mohamed Tantawi, and Christian leaders. Dedicated the Consulate General at Alexandria. July 14–16, 2012
Israel Jerusalem Met with President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman, Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Palestinian Authority President Salam Fayyad, and Quartet Representative Tony Blair. July 16, 2012
Senegal Dakar Met with President Macky Sali. August 1–2, 2012
Uganda Kampala Met with President Yoweri Musaven. Addressed Human Rights Defenders. August 2–4, 2012
South Sudan Juba Met with President Salva Kiir and Foreign Minister Nhial Deng Nhial. Afterwards returned to Kampala. August 3, 2012
Kenya Nairobi Met with President Mwai Kibaki, Chief Justice Willy Mutunga, Prime Minister Raila Odinga, Somali Roadmap Signatories and the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission and Civil Society. August 4–5, 2012
Malawi Lilongwe Met with President Joyce Banda. Visited Camp GLOW and the Lumbadze Group. August 5–6, 2012
South Africa Qunu, Johannesburg, Cape Town Met with former President Nelson Mandela at Qunu. Attended U.S.-South Africa Business Partnership Summit and U.S.-South Africa Strategic Dialogue Plenary Session in Johannesburg. Met with Foreign Minister Maite Nekoana-Mashabane and AU Chair-Designate Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma. Participated in a PEPFAR Transition signing and met with former President F.W. de Klerk in Cape Town. August 6–9, 2012
Nigeria Abuja Met with President Goodluck Jonathan, the Nigerian National Security Council, and Anti-Corruption Leaders. August 9, 2012
Ghana Accra Met with President John Dramani Mahama. Attended funeral service for the late President John Atta Mills. August 9–10, 2012
Benin Cotonou Met with President Boni Yayi. August 10–11, 2012
Turkey Istanbul Met with President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Erdogan, Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu, and Syrian activists and refugees. August 11–12, 2012
Cook Islands Raratonga Attended the Pacific Island Forum. August 31–September 2, 2012
Indonesia Jakarta Met with Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa, President Susilo Yudhoyono and ASEAN Secretary-General Surin Pitsuwan. Discussed U.S.-Indonesian Comprehensive Partnership. September 3–4, 2012
China, People’s Republic of Beijing Met with Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, President Hu Jintao, Premier Wen Jiabao, and State Councilor Dai Bingguo. September 4–6, 2012
Timor Leste Dili Met with President Taur Ruak and Prime Minister Xanana Gusmao. September 6, 2012
Brunei Bandar Seri Begawan Met with Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah and Foreign Minister Prince Mohamed. Inaugurated Brunei-U.S. English Language Enrichment Project. September 6–7, 2012
Russia Vladivostok Attended APEC Economic Leaders Meeting. Signed a Memorandum of Understanding on U.S.-Russian Cooperation in the Antarctic and a Joint Statement on Strengthening U.S.-Russian Inter-Regional Cooperation. September 7–9, 2012
Peru Lima Met with President Ollanta Humala. Addressed Conference on Power: Women as Drivers of Growth and Social Inclusion. October 15–16, 2012
Haiti Cap Haitien Attended the opening of the Caracol Industrial Park. Met with President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe. October 22, 2012
Algeria Algiers Met with President Abdelaziz Bouteflika. October 29–30, 2012
Bosnia-Herzegovina Sarajevo Met with EU High Representative Catherine Ashton and the members of the Bosnian Presidency. October 30, 2012
Serbia Belgrade Met with EU High Representative Ashton and Prime Minister Ivaca Dacic. October 30–31, 2012
Kosovo Pristina Met with EU High Representative Ashton and President Atifete Jahjaga and Prime Minister Hashim Thaci. October 31, 2012
Croatia Zagreb Met with President Ivo Josipovic, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic, and Foreign Minister Vesna Pusic. October 31–November 1, 2012
Albania Tirana Met with President Bujar Nishani, Prime Minister Sali Berisha, and Socialist Party leader Edi Rama. Addressed the Parliament and received the Order of the National Flag. November 1, 2012
Australia Perth, Adelaide Met with Prime Minister Julia Gillard, Foreign Minister Robert Carr, and Defense Minister Stephen Smith. Opened the Perth USAsia Center. Attended the Australia-United States Ministerial Consultations. November 13–15, 2012
Singapore Singapore Met with former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, and Foreign Minister Kasiviswanathan Shanmugam. November 16–18, 2012
Thailand Bangkok Met with President Yingluck Chinnawat. Joined President Obama. November 18–19, 2012
Burma (Myanmar) Rangoon Accompanied President Obama. Met with President Thein Sein and opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi. November 19, 2012
Cambodia Phnom Penh Attended U.S.-ASEAN Leaders’ Meeting and the East Asia Summit. November 19–20, 2012
Israel Jerusalem Discussed the Gaza Crisis with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon. November 20–21, 2012
Palestinian Authority Ramallah Discussed the Gaza Crisis with President Mahmoud Abbas. November 21, 2012
Egypt Cairo Discussed the Gaza Crisis with President Mohammed Morsi and Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamal Amr. November 21, 2012
Czech Republic Prague Met with Prime Minister Petr Necas and Foreign Minister Karel Schwarzenberg. December 3–4, 2012
Belgium Brussels Attended the 28th session of the North Atlantic Council and meetings of the NATO-Georgia Council, with Non-NATO ISAF Contributing Countries, and the U.S.-EU Energy Council. December 4–5, 2012
Ireland Dublin Attended the OSCE Ministerial Council meeting, and met with President Michael Higgins and Prime Minister Enda Kenny. December 6–7, 2012
United Kingdom (Northern Ireland) Belfast Met with First Minister Peter Robinson and Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness. December 7, 2012