Dean Gooderham Acheson

Country Locale Remarks Date
France Paris Attended 6th Session of the Council of Foreign Ministers. May 20–June 20, 1949
France Paris Met with the Foreign Ministers of the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. November 9–11, 1949
Germany Frankfurt, Bonn Met with President Heuss and Chancellor Adenauer. November 11–13, 1949
Germany Berlin Met with West Berlin officials and the commandants of the occupation sectors. Briefly visited East Berlin. November 14, 1949
France Paris Conferred with French; left U.S. May 6. May 7–8, 1950
United Kingdom London Attended 6th Session of the North Atlantic Council. May 9–19, 1950
Belgium Brussels Attended NATO Council Meeting. December 18–20, 1950
Canada Ottawa Attended 7th Session of the North Atlantic Council. September 15–20, 1951
France Paris Attended Sixth Session of the UN General Assembly. Left U.S. October 25. November 6–23, 1951
Italy Rome Attended 8th Session of the North Atlantic Council. November 23–December 4, 1951
United Kingdom London Attended the funeral of King George VI and conferred with the British and French Foreign Ministers and with West German Chancellor Adenauer. February 13–19, 1952
Portugal Lisbon Attended 9th Session of the North Atlantic Council. February 20–26, 1952
Germany Bonn Signed Bonn Agreements providing for West German membership in NATO and the European Defense Community. May 23–26, 1952
France Paris Signed Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty regarding the European Defense Community, May 28. May 26–29, 1952
United Kingdom London, Oxford Met with British and French Foreign Ministers. Received honorary degree from Oxford University. June 23–28, 1952
Germany West Berlin Spoke at cornerstone laying for the American Memorial Library. June 29, 1952
Austria Vienna Met with Austrian officials. June 29–30, 1952
France Dakar (Senegal) Overnight stop en route to Brazil. July 1, 1952
Brazil Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Belem Official visit. Addressed the Brazilian Congress. July 2–8, 1952
United Kingdom Port-of-Spain (Trinidad) Overnight stop while returning to the U.S. July 8, 1952
Canada Ottawa Met with Canadian officials and attended a Cabinet meeting. November 21–22, 1952
France Paris Attended a Ministerial Meeting of the North Atlantic Council. December 15–20, 1952