Travels of President John F. Kennedy

Country Locale Remarks Date
Canada Ottawa State visit; addressed joint session of Parliament. May 16-​18, 1961
France Paris State visit; addressed North Atlantic Council and met with President De Gaulle. May 31-​June 3, 1961
Austria Vienna Met with President Sehaerf and held talks with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. June 3-​4, 1961
United Kingdom London Private visit; met with Queen Elizabeth II and Prime Minister Macmillan. June 4-​5, 1961
Venezuela Caracas Met with President Betancourt. December 16-​17, 1961
Colombia Bogota Met with President Lleras Camargo. December 17, 1961
United Kingdom Bermuda Met with Prime Minister Macmillan. December 21-​22, 1961
Mexico Mexico, D.F. State visit; met with President Lopez Mateos. June 29-​July 1, 1962
United Kingdom Nassau (The Bahamas) Conferred with Prime Minister Macmillan; concluded Nassau agreement on nuclear defense systems. December 18-​21, 1962
Costa Rica San Jose Attended Conference of Presidents of the Central American Republics. March 18-​20, 1963
Germany, Federal Republic of Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden Met with Chancellor Adenauer and other officials. June 23-​25, 1963
Germany West Berlin Delivered several public addresses. June 26, 1963
Ireland Dublin, Wexford, Cork, Galway, Limerick Addressed Parliament and visited ancestral home. June 26-​29, 1963
United Kingdom Birch Grove, Sussex Informal visit with Prime Minister Macmillan at his home. June 29-​30, 1963
Italy Rome, Naples Met with President Segni, Italian and NATO officials. July 1-​2, 1963
Vatican City Audience with Pope Paul VI. July 2, 1963