Presidents Travels to Israel

Name Locale Remarks Date
Richard M. Nixon Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Met with President Katair and Prime Minister Rabin. June 16-​17, 1974
Jimmy Carter Tel Aviv, Jerusalem State visit; met with President Navon and Prime Minister Begin. Addressed the Knesset. March 10-​13, 1979
William J. Clinton Jerusalem Met with senior Israeli officials and addressed the Knesset. October 27-​28, 1994
William J. Clinton Jerusalem Attended the funeral of Prime Minister Rabin. November 5-​6, 1995
William J. Clinton Jerusalem, Tel Aviv Discussed cooperation against terrorism with senior Israeli officials. March 13-​14, 1996
William J. Clinton Jerusalem, Masada Met with Prime Minister Netanyahu and senior Israeli officials. December 12-​15, 1998
George W. Bush Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Met with Prime Minister Olmert and President Peres. Visited Yad Vashem. January 9-​11, 2008
George W. Bush Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Masada Met with President Peres and Prime Minister Olmert. Addressed the Knesset. Commemorated Israel’s 60th anniversary. May 14-​16, 2008
Barack Obama Tel Aviv, Jerusalem Met with President Shimon Peres and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. March 20-​22, 2013