Presidents Travels to Germany

Name Locale Remarks Date
Harry S. Truman Potsdam Potsdam Conference with British Prime Ministers Churchill and Attlee and Soviet Premier Stalin. July 16-​August 2, 1945
Dwight D. Eisenhower Bonn Informal meeting with Chancellor Adenauer and President Heuss. August 26-​27, 1959
John F. Kennedy Bonn, Cologne, Frankfurt, Wiesbaden Met with Chancellor Adenauer and other officials. June 23-​25, 1963
John F. Kennedy West Berlin Delivered several public addresses. June 26, 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson Bonn Attended funeral of Chancellor Adenauer and conversed with various heads of state. April 23-​26, 1967
Richard M. Nixon West Berlin Addressed the Bundestag on February 26. February 26-​27, 1969
Gerald R. Ford Bonn, Linz Met with President Scheel and Chancellor Schmidt. July 26-​28, 1975
Jimmy Carter Bonn, Wiesbaden-Erbenheim Air Base, Frankfurt State visit; met with President Scheel and Chancellor Schmidt. Addressed U.S. and German military personnel. July 14-​15, 1978
Jimmy Carter West Berlin Spoke at the Airlift Memorial. July 15, 1978
Jimmy Carter Bonn Attended Economic Summit Meeting of the Heads of State and Government of France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. July 16-​17, 1978
Ronald Reagan Bonn State visit; met with Chancellor Schmidt and President Carstens; addressed the Bundestag; and attended a meeting of the North Atlantic Council. June 9-​11, 1982
Ronald Reagan West Berlin Met with Chancellor Schmidt. June 11, 1982
Ronald Reagan Bonn Attended Economic Summit Meeting of the Heads of State and Government of Canada, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. April 30-​May 4, 1985
Ronald Reagan Bonn, Bergen-Belsen, Bitburg, Hambach Castle State visit; attended ceremonies commemorating 40th anniversary of the end of World War II in Europe. May 5-​6, 1985
Ronald Reagan West Berlin Attended 750th Anniversary celebrations; met with Chancellor Kohl. June 11-​12, 1987
Ronald Reagan Bonn Met with Chancellor Kohl. June 12, 1987
George H. W. Bush Bonn, Mainz Met with Chancellor Kohl. May 30-​31, 1989
George H. W. Bush Speyer, Ludwigshafen Met with Chancellor Kohl. November 18, 1990
George H. W. Bush Munich Attended an Economic Summit Meeting with the Heads of State and Government of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, and the United Kingdom. Also met with Russian President Yeltsin. July 5-​8, 1992
William J. Clinton Bonn, Oggersheim, Berlin Met with Chancellor Kohl and German political leaders. Delivered a public address at the Brandenburg Gate and attended deactivation ceremony for the Berlin Brigade. July 10-​12, 1994
William J. Clinton Baumholder Addressed U.S. military personnel and met with Chancellor Kohl. December 2, 1995
William J. Clinton Berlin, Potsdam, Frankfurt, Eisenach Met with Chancellor Kohl; commemorated 50th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift. May 12-​14, 1998
William J. Clinton Frankfurt, Ramstein Air Force Base, Spangdahlem Air Force Base, Bonn, Ingelheim Addressed U.S. military personnel; met with Chancellor Schroeder; met with Kosovo refugees. May 4-​6, 1999
William J. Clinton Cologne, Bonn Attended G-8 Economic Summit meeting. June 17-​21, 1999
William J. Clinton Berlin, Aachen Met with President Rau and Chancellor Schroeder; received Charlemagne Prize, and attended a Third Way Conference. June 1-​3, 2000
George W. Bush Berlin Met with Chancellor Schroeder and addressed the Bundestag. May 22-​23, 2002
George W. Bush Mainz, Wiesbaden Met with Chancellor Schroeder and visited U.S. military personnel. February 23, 2005
George W. Bush Stralsund, Trinwillershagen Met with Chancellor Merkel. July 12-​14, 2006
George W. Bush Heiligen-damm Attended the G-8 Summit Meeting. Also met with Chinese President Hu Jintao. June 5-​8, 2007
George W. Bush Meseberg Met with Chancellor Merkel. June 10-​11, 2008
Barack Obama Baden-Baden, Kehl Attended a working dinner for NATO leaders. April 3-​4, 2009
Barack Obama Dresden, Weimar, Landstuhl Met with Chancellor Merkel, visited the Buchenwald concentration camp and visited wounded U.S. military personnel. June 4-​5, 2009
Barack Obama Berlin Met with President Joachim Gauck and Chancellor Angela Merkel. June 18-​19, 2013