Dwight D. Eisenhower

Country Locale Remarks Date
Korea, Republic of Seoul Visit to Korean combat zone. [Visit made as President-elect.] December 2–5, 1952
Mexico Nuevo Guerrero Dedicated Falcon Dam. October 19, 1953
Canada Ottawa State visit; addressed joint session of Parliament. November 13–15, 1953
United Kingdom Bermuda Attended Bermuda Conference with Prime Minister Churchill and French President Laniel. December 4–8, 1953
Switzerland Geneva Summit conference with British Prime Minister Eden, French Premier Faure, and Soviet Premier Bulganin. July 16–23, 1955
Panama Panama City Attended a meeting of the Presidents of the American Republics. July 21–23, 1956
United Kingdom Bermuda Met with Prime Minister Macmillan. March 20–24, 1957
France Paris Attended meeting of NATO Heads of Government. December 14–19, 1957
Canada Ottawa Informal visit; addressed joint session of Parliament. July 8–11, 1958
Mexico Acapulco Informal meeting with President Lopez Mateos. February 19–20, 1959
Canada Montreal Joined Queen Elizabeth II in ceremony opening St. Lawrence Seaway. June 26, 1959
Germany, Federal Republic of Bonn Informal meeting with Chancellor Adenauer and President Heuss. August 26–27, 1959
United Kingdom London, Balmoral, Chequers Informal visit; met Prime Minister Macmillan and Queen Elizabeth II. August 27–September 2, 1959
France Paris Informal meeting with President De Gaulle and Italian Premier Segni. Addressed North Atlantic Council. September 2–4, 1959
United Kingdom Culzean Castle Rested before returning to the United States. September 4–7, 1959
Italy Rome Informal visit; met with President Gronchi. December 4–6, 1959
Vatican City Audience with Pope John XXIII. December 6, 1959
Turkey Ankara Informal visit; met with President Bayar. December 6–7, 1959
Pakistan Karachi Informal visit; met with President Ayub Khan. December 7–9, 1959
Afghanistan Kabul Informal visit; met with King Mohammed Zahir. December 9, 1959
India New Delhi, Agra Met with President Prasad and Prime Minister Nehru. Addressed Parliament. December 9–14, 1959
Iran Tehran Met with Shah Mohammed Reza Pahlavi and addressed Parliament. December 14, 1959
Greece Athens Official visit; met with King Paul, Prime Minister Karamanlis, and addressed Parliament. Traveled by sea from Athens to Tunis. December 14–15, 1959
Tunisia Tunis Met with President Bourguiba. December 17, 1959
France Toulon, Paris Conference with President De Gaulle, British Prime Minister Macmillan, and German Chancellor Adenauer. December 18–21, 1959
Spain Madrid Met with Generalissimo Franco. December 21–22, 1959
Morocco Casablanca Met with King Mohammed V. December 22, 1959
Brazil Brasilia, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo Met with President Kubitschek and addressed Brazilian Congress. February 23–26, 1960
Argentina Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, San Carlos de Bariloche Met with President Frondizi. February 26–29, 1960
Chile Santiago Met with President Alessandri. February 29–March 2, 1960
Uruguay Montevideo Met with President Nardone. Returned to the U.S. via Buenos Aires and Surinam. March 2–3, 1960
France Paris Conference with President De Gaulle, British Prime Minister Macmillan, and Soviet Premier Khrushchev. May 15–19, 1960
Portugal Lisbon Official visit; met with President Thomaz. May 19–20, 1960
Philippines Manila State visit; met with President Garcia. Traveled by sea from Manila to Taipei. June 14–16, 1960
Republic of China Taipei Met with President Chiang Kai-shek. June 18–19, 1960
Korea, Republic of Seoul Met with Prime Minister Chung and addressed the National Assembly. June 19–20, 1960
Mexico Ciudad Acuna Informal visit; met with President Lopez Mateos. October 24, 1960