Presidents Travels to Costa Rica

Name Locale Remarks Date
Herbert C. Hoover San Jose Good will trip. [Visit made as President-elect.] November 28, 1928
John F. Kennedy San Jose Attended Conference of Presidents of the Central American Republics. March 18-​20, 1963
Lyndon B. Johnson San Jose Informal visit; met with President Trejos. July 8, 1968
Ronald Reagan San Jose Official working visit; met with President Monge and President Magana of El Salvador. December 3-​4, 1982
George H. W. Bush San Jose Attended Hemispheric Summit Meeting. October 27-​28, 1989
William J. Clinton San Jose Attended a Summit Meeting of Presidents of the Central American Republics. May 7-​9, 1997
Barack Obama San Jose Met with President Laura Chinchilla and leaders of the Central American Integration System. May 3-​4, 2013