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Name Locale Remarks Date
John F. Kennedy Vienna Met with President Sehaerf and held talks with Soviet Premier Khrushchev. June 3–4, 1961
Richard M. Nixon Salzburg Informal visit; met with Chancellor Kreisky. May 20–22, 1972
Richard M. Nixon Salzburg Met with Chancellor Kreisky. June 10–12, 1974
Gerald R. Ford Salzburg Met with Chancellor Kreisky and with Egyptian President Sadat. June 1–3, 1975
Jimmy Carter Vienna State visit; met with President Kirchschlaeger and Chancellor Kreisky. Met with Soviet General Secretary Brezhnev to sign SALT II Treaty June 16-18. June 14–18, 1979
George W. Bush Vienna Attended the U.S.-EU Summit. June 20–21, 2006