John Jay (1745–1829)

State of Residence: New York
  1. Minister Plenipotentiary (Spain)
    Appointed: September 29, 1779
    • Proceeded to post, but was not formally received at court; left post about May 20, 1782.
  2. Secretary of Foreign Affairs Under the Continental Congress
    Appointed: May 7, 1784
    Termination of Appointment: March 4, 1789
    • Following the organization of the government under the Constitution, Mar 4, 1789, Jay continued in charge of foreign relations, informally supervising the Department of Foreign Affairs upon its creation, Jul 27, 1789, and the Department of State from the adoption of that name for the Department (effective Sep 15, 1789) until Jefferson took office as Secretary of State Mar 22, 1790. Jay had meanwhile (Sep 26, 1789) been appointed Chief Justice.