John Nichol Irwin II (1913–2000)

Non-career appointee
State of Residence: New York
  1. Under Secretary of State
    Appointed: September 18, 1970
    Entry on Duty: September 21, 1970
    Termination of Appointment: July 12, 1972
  2. Deputy Secretary of State
    Entry on Duty: July 13, 1972
    Termination of Appointment: February 1, 1973
    • Not commissioned as Deputy Secretary; had been serving as Under Secretary of State and was redesignated Deputy Secretary of State under terms of the Foreign Affairs Authorization Act of 1972. Prior to Jul 13, 1972, the Under Secretary of State had been the second ranking officer of the Department.
  3. Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary (France)
    Appointed: February 2, 1973
    Presentation of Credentials: March 23, 1973
    Termination of Mission: Left post on October 20, 1974