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John Adams (1735–1826)

State of Residence: Massachusetts
  1. Concurrent Appointments
    1. Minister Plenipotentiary (Netherlands)
      Appointed: January 1, 1781
      Presentation of Credentials: Formally recognized on April 19, 1782
      Termination of Mission: Transmitted recall by note from London March 30, 1788
      • Resident at London after 1785. Adams also received a second set of instructions dated August 16, 1781. Also accredited to United Kingdom; resident at London.
    2. Minister Plenipotentiary (United Kingdom)
      Appointed: February 24, 1785
      Presentation of Credentials: June 1, 1785
      Termination of Mission: Had farewell audience February 20, 1788
      • Commissioned to the court of Great Britain. Also accredited to Netherlands; resident at London.