A Guide to the United States’ History of Recognition, Diplomatic, and Consular Relations, by Country, since 1776: Sierra Leone


The United States has traditionally maintained amicable relations with Sierra Leone. It also supported international efforts to end a brutal, decade-long civil war in Sierra Leone, and prevent the illegal sale of diamonds from that country. At present, the United States is seeking promote peace and stability in Sierra Leone by providing economic and humanitarian aid.

Modern Flag of Sierra Leone


U.S. Recognition of Sierra Leone’s Independence, 1961.

The United States recognized Sierra Leone when it became independent on April 27, 1961, in a congratulatory message from President John F. Kennedy to the Government and People of Sierra Leone dated April 26, 1961. Sierra Leone had been previously under British sovereignty.

Diplomatic Relations

Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and the American Embassy in Sierra Leone, 1961.

Diplomatic relations were established on April 27, 1961, when the American Consulate General at Freetown was elevated to Embassy status, with Herbert Reiner, Jr., as Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.