A Guide to the United States’ History of Recognition, Diplomatic, and Consular Relations, by Country, since 1776: The Bahamas


As a close neighbor of the United States, The Bahamas has historically enjoyed good diplomatic relations with the United States. Since achieving full independence from the United Kingdom in 1973, The Bahamas has closely cooperated with the United States to reduce drug trafficking and illegal immigration issues.

Modern Flag of The Bahamas


U.S. Recognition of Bahamian Independence, 1973.

The United States formally recognized The Bahamas on July 10, 1973, when the U.S. Embassy in Nassau was established.

Diplomatic Relations

Establishment of Diplomatic Relations and the U.S. Embassy in Nassau, 1973.

Diplomatic relations and the U.S. Embassy in Nassau were established July 10, 1973, with Moncrieff J. Spear as Chargé d’Affaires ad interim.