World Wide Diplomatic Archives Index: Taiwan


The Archives Act of 1999 stipulates that government documents shall be made available at the National Archives after 30 years, unless they fall under one of the exceptions to the rule. This is decided by the creating agency. This law can also be applied to documents held at several other locations.


There are two main locations in Taiwan that house documents from the Foreign Ministry and other foreign relations documents:

National Archives: No. 10, Lane 59, Yitong St., Zhongshan District, Taipei City 10486, Taiwan. Holdings: Documents on foreign relations in collections from the National Assembly and other government bureaus.

Academia Historica: 406 Beiyi Road Section 2, Xindian, Taipei County, Taiwan. Holdings: Foreign Ministry Archives, Chiang Kai-shek Papers, and other documents on foreign relations.


Researchers must fill out an application for access to the National Archives, which can be found on the Archives website. For access to the Academia Historica, you need to register at the front gate; bring a passport and a letter of introduction from your home institution or one in Taiwan.


National Archives

Academia Historica (Chinese site)

Published Documents

Both of these archives have published numerous volumes of foreign relations documents. For their catalogs, see and .