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“Frontline Diplomacy” Oral History Project

The Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training’s Foreign Affairs Oral History Collection is free and accessible to the public through the Library of Congress’s Digital Collections. This online repository examines the lives of American diplomats and consists of interviews with U.S. diplomatic personnel. It showcases the experiences, motivations, critiques, personal analyses, and private thoughts that provide a more thorough understanding of U.S. foreign policy and its administration.

Newseum Online Exhibit on Reporting the Vietnam War

In November 2001, the Newseum showcased an exhibition on wartime reporting. Now online, this exhibition educates the public as to the history of war reporting, what it is like to cover a war, and how this has changed throughout the twentieth century. One of the sections highlights wartime reporting during the Vietnam War, which was the first uncensored war for U.S. journalists.