U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Documents on Poland (Europe) before 1861

6 sources, in chronological order.

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Exiles from Poland. Memorial of the Polish exiles, praying a grant of land for settlement. April 22, 1834 Serial Set Vol. No. 258, Session Vol. No. 5, 23rd Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 353 4
In the Senate of the United States, Mr. Poindexter made the following report, with Senate Bill No. 158. The Committee on Public Lands, to which was referred the petition of Lewis Banczakiewicz, and others, acting as a committee for and in behalf of two hundred and thirty-five Poles transported to the United States by the orders of the Emperor of Austria... April 29, 1834 Serial Set Vol. No. 241, Session Vol. No. 4, 23rd Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 313 4
Granting patents to Polish exiles, &c. (To accompany Bill H.R. No. 488.) March 25, 1836 Serial Set Vol. No. 289, Session Vol. No. 4, 24th Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 188 4
Tobacco-trade. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting a report of the Secretary of State upon the subject of the tobacco-trade between the United States and foreign countries. May 29, 1840 Serial Set Vol. No. 368, Session Vol. No. 6, 26th Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 229 210
Report of the Secretary of State, in answer to a resolution of the Senate of inquiry as to the measures taken by him upon the memorial of Ladislaus Wankowicz, great-grandnephew of General Kosciusko, and Gaspard Tochman, attorney of the heirs of General Kosciusko, against Alexandre de Bodisco, the Russian minister. May 23, 1850 Serial Set Vol. No. 561, Session Vol. No. 13, 31st Congress, 1st Session, S. Exec. Doc. 50 31
The U.S. Naval Astronomical Expedition to the Southern Hemisphere, during the years 1849-'50-'51'-52. Lieut. Archibald MacRae, Master S. Ledyard Phelps, Captain's Clerk E.R. Smith, assistants. Volume III. Observations to determine the solar parallax. By Lieut. L.M. Gillis, LL.D. Superintendent. July 25, 1854 Serial Set Vol. No. 730, Session Vol. No. 15, 33rd Congress, 1st Session, H. Exec. Doc. 121, pt. 3 781