Memorandum of Conversation, by the Liaison Officer (Wilson)

Captain Alfaro called this afternoon and read the text of the proposed agreement for the transfer of naval vessels and of the letter16 which he will address to the President transmitting his Government’s request. He said that he perceived no objection to either one, and asked for three copies in order to inform his Government. I took the occasion to point out to him that in order to operate the vessels after they had been turned over to the Ecuadoran Government, funds would be required which could not be provided under the Lend-Lease Act, and that it would consequently be necessary to give consideration to this matter.

Captain Alfaro seemed surprised that the construction of the naval base was included in the proposed agreement, as in his correspondence with the President of Ecuador the latter had only referred to the acquisition of the two boats. He added, however, that the President would in all probability consent to the inclusion of the naval base.

The Ambassador also inquired whether this matter could not be made public on May 4. I replied that I would convey his inquiry to the appropriate officials of the Department.

  1. Neither printed.↩