U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Documents on Spain/France: Treaty of San Illdefonso (1800) (The Americas) before 1861

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Land claims derived from Spain. Letter from the Secretary of State, in reply to a Resolution of the House of Representatives of 7th February last, on the expediency of providing by law for the final adjustment of all the claims to land derived from the former government of Spain, &c. &c. June 14, 1832 Serial Set Vol. No. 221, Session Vol. No. 6, 22nd Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 274 18
In Senate of the United States. he following documents relating to Spanish grants, in Louisiana, between the Perdido and Mississippi, were laid on the table, by Mr. Waggaman, (to accompany Senate Bill No. 92 January 14, 1835 Serial Set Vol. No. 268, Session Vol. No. 3, 23rd Congress, 2nd Session, S. Doc. 56 33
In Senate of the United States. Mr. King, of Georgia, made the following report, with Senate Bill No. 106. The Committee on Foreign Relations, to whom were referred resolutions by the Legislature of Louisiana, requesting that measures be taken by Congress to settle conflicting claims to land in the County of Feliciana, in said state, ask leave to report... January 28, 1836 Serial Set Vol. No. 280, Session Vol. No. 2, 24th Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 99 3
Territory south of 31 of north latitude, &c. Letter from the Secretary of State, transmitting information in relation to the claim of Spain, France, and the United States, to the sovereignty of the territory south of the 31 of north latitude, and east and north of the Island of Orleans, lying between the Mississippi and Perdido Rivers, &c. July 7, 1838 Serial Set Vol. No. 331-1, Session Vol. No. 11, 25th Congress, 2nd Session, H. Doc. 463 20
Patents for land in St. Helena District. Letter from the Secretary of the Treasury, in reply to the resolution of the House of Representatives of the United States, of the 24th ultimo, requiring of him information why no patents have been issued to claimants to, or purchasers of land in the St. Helena or Greensburg land district, in the State of Louisiana. March 26, 1840 Serial Set Vol. No. 366, Session Vol. No. 4, 26th Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 155 22