U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Documents on Tasmania (Asia and the Pacific) before 1861

4 sources, in chronological order.

Title Date Citation Pages
Proceedings of a number of citizens of the City of New York, in behalf of certain American citizens, who were captured by the military forces of Great Britain in the Canada's, and are now prisoners at Van Dieman's land July 15, 1841 Serial Set Vol. No. 390, Session Vol. No. 1, 27th Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 65 2
American citizens -- prisoners in Van Dieman's land. Message from the President of the United States, transmitting the information required by the resolution of the House of Representatives of the 21st ultimo, in relation to the American citizens now British prisoners of state in Van Dieman's land. July 20, 1841 Serial Set Vol. No. 392, Session Vol. No. 1, 27th Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 39 7
American citizens arrested by Mexicans. Resolutions of the Legislature of Kentucky, in relation to certain American citizens captured by a military force of Mexicans January 14, 1842 Serial Set Vol. No. 402, Session Vol. No. 2, 27th Congress, 1st Session, H. Doc. 42 2
Prisoners at Van Dieman's Land. January 28, 1845 Serial Set Vol. No. 468, Session Vol. No. 1, 28th Congress, 2nd Session, H. Rpt. 85 1