U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Documents on East Indies (Asia and the Pacific) before 1861

6 sources, in chronological order.

Title Date Citation Pages
Memorial of certain citizens of Philadelphia, praying that the duties on silks imported from various places may be equalized, etc. January 28, 1830 Serial Set Vol. No. 192, Session Vol. No. 1, 21st Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 37 3
Message from the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the Senate of February 25, 1845, in reference to the correspondence between the commander of the East India Squadron and foreign powers, &c February 17, 1846 Serial Set Vol. No. 473, Session Vol. No. 4, 29th Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 139 47
Captain John Percival February 29, 1848 Serial Set Vol. No. 525, Session Vol. No. 2, 30th Congress, 1st Session, H. Rpt. 275 2
In the Senate of the United States. Mr. Mason made the following report: (To accompany Bill S. No. 416.) May 12, 1852 Serial Set Vol. No. 631, Session Vol. No. 2, 32nd Congress, 1st Session, S. Rpt. 218 2
In the Senate of the United States. Mr. Slidell made the following report. The Committee on Naval Affairs, to whom was referred the memorial of Captain F. Buchanan, United States Navy, praying to be allowed the difference between the pay of a captain and that of a commander, while in command of the United States steam frigate "Susquehanna" during her recent cruise in the East India, China and Japan Seas, have had the same under consideration, and report January 27, 1857 Serial Set Vol. No. 891, Session Vol. No. 1, 34th Congress, 3rd Session, S. Rpt. 327 2
Coolie trade. April 16, 1860 Serial Set Vol. No. 1069, Session Vol. No. 3, 36th Congress, 1st Session, H. Rpt. 443 30