U.S. Congressional Serial Set: Documents on East Asia (Asia and the Pacific) before 1861

2 sources, in chronological order.

Title Date Citation Pages
Memorial of Aaron Haight Palmer, praying compensation for services, in collecting valuable information and statistics in relation to the geography, productive resources, trade, commerce, &c., of the independent Oriental nations February 1, 1846 Serial Set Vol. No. 772, Session Vol. No. 1, 33rd Congress, 2nd Session, S. Misc. Doc. 10 23
Message From the President of the United States, in answer to a resolution of the Senate of February 25, 1845, in reference to the correspondence between the commander of the East India Squadron and foreign powers, etc. February 17, 1846 Serial Set Vol. No. 473, Session Vol. No. 4, 29th Congress, 1st Session, S. Doc. 139 47