115. Memorandum From W.R. Smyser of the National Security Council Staff to Secretary of State Kissinger, Washington, December 30, 1974.1 2


December 30, 1974

FROM: W.R. SMYSER [WRS initialed]

SUBJECT: Another Meeting with your Indonesian Contacts

As a result of a recent lunch with the Indonesian Defense Attache here, I believe it would be desirable for you to meet soon again with your special Indonesian contacts.

The Indonesian Defense Attache, General Nichlany, recently invited me to lunch and raised the following matters:

  • — The Indonesian Government would be interested in knowing the American attitude regarding Portuguese Timor (and, by implication, our reaction to a possible Indonesian takeover).
  • — The Indonesian Government is concerned that South Moluccan separatists are making anti-Indonesian propaganda among Jews in the United States, profiting from the fact that Indonesia is a Muslim state. Since Indonesia, despite its Muslim heritage, is a good friend of Israel, the Indonesian Government hopes that the United States Government can persuade Israel to try to counteract this propaganda.
  • — The Indonesian Government would be delighted if I would visit Indonesia and it would assure me conversations at the most senior levels in Jakarta.

It seems quite obvious that the Indonesians do not really want to talk to me, but they probably feel a need to get an appraisal of American policy with regard to Southeast Asia and also, I suspect, in other areas of the world. State is not well staffed on Indonesia and simply cannot handle this sort of thing. Of course, the Indonesians really want to talk to you.

I think the reason Nichlany did not suggest a visit by your regular Indonesian contacts is because we have several times in the last year, [Page 2] at your suggestion, put them off. But I believe now would be a good time to invite them. We need to talk to them about the Middle East, about oil, about Indochina, and about several other things. President Suharto undoubtedly would welcome the opportunity to know your thoughts on all these areas.

It is particularly important for you to meet with them now because David Newsom will soon have to give them bad news about aid cuts. Your readiness to meet will show that we still value the senior political relationship between our countries.

I understand your travel schedule is relatively free of engagements the latter portion of January, and I would recommend that we invite your contacts over here to meet with you at that time.

The Indonesians would probably be more impressed to meet you here at the White House than at the State Department. On the other hand, you may want to transfer this function to your State staff.

That we invite your Indonesian contacts to come here during the latter part of January for a meeting with you.
Approve [HK initialed]

Location of meeting:
a. White House [HK initialed]
b. State Department

  1. Source: Ford Library, National Security Adviser, Presidential Country Files for East Asia and the Pacific, Box 6, Indonesia (1). Top Secret; Sensitive; Eyes Only. Sent for urgent action. Kissinger initialed the approve option and the option of meeting at the White House.
  2. Smyser recommended that Kissinger meet with his special Indonesian contacts.