221. Telegram 27189 From the White House to the Embassy in Japan1 2

Deliver to Peter Rodman for Mr. Kissinger.
ToHAK 75

Memorandum for Dr. Kissinger


  • Situation Room


  • Additional Information Items

Our problems with General Amin: U.S.-Ugandan relations continue to be troubled by the behavior of General Amin, who has now become a vocal critic of our Vietnam policy and has recognized the PRG. Although we have no illusions about ever being able to deal intelligently with the General, State is hopeful that we will at least get Uganda to acknowledge some responsibility for the disappearance of two Americans there last July. State had thought that a letter from Amin to the President, which the Ugandan Foreign Minister presented to Acting Secretary of State Irwin on Monday, would contain proposals for compensating the families of the two Americans. But the letter said little. State is pursuing this matter. You may recall that last July two Americans—Nicholas Stroh of The Evening Star and Robert Siedle, a lecturer at Ugandaʼs university—were murdered by the Ugandan military after they stumbled upon intra-army tribal killings then taking place. The Star has kept this case alive. (Rondon)

Burundi tribal slaughter goes on: The extermination of Hutu males with any semblance of an education seems to be continuing in Burundi. Hopes that UN efforts to establish a humanitarian presence in Burundi would influence the Tutsi government to stop. The repression have not yet materialized. Among the Africans, only President Mobutu has shown any sort of readiness to involve the Organization of African Unity in Burundi. Not even neighboring Rwanda, which has a Hutu government, has sought OAU action to save Burundiʼs Hutus. As for ourselves, we are assisting refugee efforts in Zaire, Rwanda and Tanzania as well as Catholic relief services in Burundi, which reportedly has access to all the population. (Rondon)

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Kissinger Office Files, Kissinger Trip Files, K/023/01/063. Top Secret; Sensitive; Contains Codeword.
  2. The telegram transmitted a memorandum to Kissinger from the Situation Room reporting on the continuing extermination of Hutus. Among Africans, only Congo President Mobutu was willing to involve the Organization of African Unity.