37. Memorandum From Helmut Sonnenfeldt of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1 2


  • Gerard Smith’s Conversation with Dobrynin (Tab A)

Following are points of note:

1. On NPT, Dobrynin again picked up the Secretary of State’s earlier suggestion that joint US-Soviet deposit of instruments of ratification, when it comes, should be “with full publicity.” The President at one time in the spring also talked in these terms. If we don’t want a detente jamboree the time to stop is now.

[Omitted here is information unrelated to NPT.]

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Tab A
Memorandum of Conversation


  • PART II—NPT Ratification and German Signature


  • His Excellency Anatoliy F. Dobrynin, USSR Ambassador
  • Yuly VorontsOv, Counselor, USSR
  • Mr. Gerard Smith, Director, ACDA
  • Mr. Culver Gleysteen, Acting Asst Dir. ACDA/IR

Ambassador Dobrynin inquired how our consultations on the NPT with the FRG were proceeding, and whether we had any indication when the Brandt Government would sign. Mr. Smith replied that the consultations were going smoothly. He could not say when the FRG would sign, but noted that the Chancellor had called for early signature.

Ambassador Dobrynin indicated that he had spoken with other high US officials on this subject and indicated that the Soviets were all ready to complete their ratification and the only remaining problem now was German signature. He thought completion of the ratification process by the US and USSR simultaneously, with full publicity, would take place promptly thereafter.

The Ambassador inquired whether our consultations had disclosed any new German concerns or whether they were simply asking for reiteration of positions taken by the previous Administration on such matters as had been made part of the public record. Mr. Smith replied that nothing that was going on would come as a novelty to the Soviets if he were in a position to discuss these consultations which were private among Allies.

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Box 197, Agency Files, ACDA, Jan 69–Dec 70, Vol. I. Secret; Exdis. Sent for information. A stamped notation indicated Kissinger saw it on November 10. Also attached but not published is Part I of the Smith-Dobrynin conversation.
  2. Sonnenfeldt forwarded the memorandum of U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency Director Smith’s October 30 conversation with Soviet Ambassador Dobrynin on NPT and expressed concern about holding a joint U.S.-Soviet NPT deposit ceremony with, as Dobrynin put it, “full publicity.”