224. Memorandum From Frank Chapin of the National Security Council Staff to the President’s Assistant for National Security Affairs (Kissinger)1


  • Chile—PDC Request for Financial Support [less than 1 line not declassified]

The attached Memorandum for the 40 Committee was circulated by the CIA just as you were departing the city.2 It informs the members that CIA is prepared to respond immediately to an urgent PDC request for [less than 1 line not declassified] certain deficits for the Party’s [1½ lines not declassified].

[1 paragraph (2 lines) not declassified]

This particular assistance had been previously mentioned as possibly up-coming in CIA’s memorandum to the Committee dated 28 January 1971 dealing with overall financial support of Chilean opposition parties and the purchase of media outlets.3 The [dollar amount not declassified] was available within CIA approved funds.

The other members of the 40 Committee concurred in this action, and Arnie Nachmanoff strongly endorses it as [less than 1 line not declassified] performance has been most effective of late.


That you note your approval of CIA support in the amount [less than 1 line not declassified].4

  1. Source: National Security Council, Nixon Intelligence Files, Subject Files, Chile, 1971–72. Secret; Sensitive; Eyes Only; Out of System. Sent for action. Concurred in by Nachmanoff.
  2. Attached but not printed is the April 27 memorandum for the 40 Committee, “Chile: PDC Request for Financial Support [text not declassified]”; see Foreign Relations, 1969–1976, vol. E–16, Documents on Chile, 1969–1973, Document 64.
  3. Document 200.
  4. Haig initialed approval on behalf of Kissinger.