75. Memorandum for President Nixon1


  • Clark MacGregor, Bill Timmons, Ron Ziegler, Dick Moore and Henry Kissinger


  • Foreign Aid

The Continuing Resolution to sine die adjournment covering all unfunded programs, including foreign aid, is on the House Floor tomorrow.

Also on Wednesday, the Senate takes up the two new foreign aid authorizations: one on economic-humanitarian assistance and another on military-supporting aid.2

Our position is to pass the Continuing Resolution as a stop gap and to increase funding levels through Floor amendments in the supporting and military assistance portions of the Senate authorization.

Vote projections are extremely tight. A strong Presidential statement, preferably in person, would be helpful in winning votes and also will stop critics claiming you did little to save the program.

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From a press standpoint, the most effective platform for influencing these critical votes would be for you to make a comment in New York at the Republican dinner tonight. It is felt in addition to the good press play that would result that such a step would throw both our critics and the press off balance.

Attached is a suggested addition to your New York remarks.3

  1. Source: National Archives, Nixon Presidential Materials, NSC Files, Subject Files, Box 323, Foreign Aid, Volume I 7/70-1971. No classification marking. A handwritten note reads: “Orig. handed to Pres. by Ziegler 11/9/71.”
  2. Regarding the two foreign assistance bills reported out by the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on November 4, see Document 74.
  3. Not printed. Although the President did not use the attached text, he made strong remarks in support of foreign assistance at a dinner at the American Hotel in New York. See Public Papers of the Presidents of the United States: Richard Nixon, 1971, p. 1088.