119. Memorandum of Conversation1


  • Mr. Bundy’s Meeting with Mr. Colby, June 22, 19672


  • Messrs. Bundy, Berger, Habib, and Burke for EA; Messrs. Colby, Smith and Hickox for CIA; Mr. Stuart for INR/DDC and Mr. Bean of EA for the Singapore item

[Here follows a discussion of Singapore.]


Mr. Colby reported that in response to Mr. Berger’s request, his people had reviewed North Korean infiltrations of South Korea and had come to the conclusion that their purpose was the establishment of cells which might eventually be used not only for the collection of intelligence but for the support of guerilla warfare. He cited interrogations of the few agents who have been captured and said that his analysts had concluded that large numbers of North Vietnamese were in training for eventual infiltration. There was considerable speculation among members of the staff both at Headquarters and in the field that the North Koreans were taking a page from the North Vietnamese book and planned to establish a base for eventual warfare in South Korea.

Mr. Berger questioned Mr. Colby closely as to whether there were indications that the objective of the North Korean infiltrations might be assassination of South Korean leaders. Mr. Colby’s reply indicated that he believed any attempts at assassination would depend largely on opportunity and that he felt that this was not a major objective.

[Here follows a discussion of Vietnam.]

  1. Source: Department of State, INR/IL Historical Files, East Asia and Pacific General File, East Asia, FE Weekly Meetings, 1967. Secret. Drafted on June 29. Sent to Hughes, Denney, and Evans.
  2. Agenda at Tab A. [Footnote in the source text; attached but not printed.]