113. Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to the Station in the Congo1

Dir 04749 (Out 73718). 1. HQS speculates that Sovs may have reoriented Congo policy, abandoned search for Lumumba heir, and decided support Adoula on govt to govt basis if Adoula can get rid UNOC. It possible Zorin told Adoula during New York meet Sovs prepared give no strings large scale support GOC but can not work thru UN as it imperialist instrument which actually frustrating Congo unity whereas Sovs willing actively help unify country and achieve true national independence. May also have told Adoula that Bomboko and Mobutu Belgian tools, supporting with actual or spurious facts.

2. Supporting above are relative passivity Moscow re Gizenga, willingness withdraw Podgornov, strong push get Aeroflot onward rights from Khartoum and invite to Adoula visit Moscow. That Adoula may have swallowed line indicated by public insistence UNOC terminate by 30 Apr, intransigence re Tshombe negots, ire at Bomboko [Page 155] megots Brussels, threats fire Bomboko, Mobutu, Ndele, Ileo,2 refusal see Western diplomats, decision visit Moscow May (after UNOC termination deadline).

3. Above not to imply Adoula changing sides but rather that in his frustration over apparent UNOC unwillingness help solve reintegration, plus pressures from radical nationalists and economic deterioration, he sees some merit in Soviet argumentation. As minimum, it of prime importance Leop do all possible assure full coverage Moscow visit.

4. Realize our speculation overly black and white. Above discussed at desk level ODACID where speculation is parallel. Request Station views above and continued local monitoring order demonstrate whether speculation valid.

End of message.

  1. Source: Central Intelligence Agency Files, Job 78–00435R, DDO/ISS Files, Box 1, Folder 10, [cryptonym not declassified] Operations. Secret; Routine. Drafted and authenticated by [name not declassified] and released by Tweedy (C/AF).
  2. Telegram 3644 from Leopoldville to CIA, April 16, reported that Adoula told Gullion on Apri1 11 that he was dissatisfied with Bomboko and Mobutu and planned to remove them from their present jobs. The Station had been greatly concerned because it regarded Mobutu as a U.S. anchor. Thus, with the Ambassador’s approval, the Chief of Station met with Adoula on April 16, reviewing previous U.S. support for him and pointing out that all U.S. activity in the Congo was based on the objective of trying to maintain a stable, moderate government. He emphasized that without a loyal man to control the army, this political objective would be jeopardized, and warned Adoula that if Mobutu was ousted, his own political position might be compromised. Adoula said that Nendaka and others had expressed similar views, and assured the Chief of Station that he no longer intended to remove Mobutu. (Ibid.)