79. Memorandum From the President’s Special Assistant for National Security Affairs (Bundy) to the President1

You may or may not want these for night reading, but you should have them available:

  • At Tab A is McNamara’s full draft report2 of which you got a brief this morning.3
  • At Tab B is his draft White House statement4 which both Dean Rusk and I think needs a lot of revision.
  • At Tab C is a fascinating document prepared for possible publication in Foreign Affairs by Ambassador Lodge.5

[Page 146]

For the TV show on Vietnam,6 I myself would quietly but firmly spell out the following themes:

Neutralization of the whole area has been repeatedly denounced by the Communists and is therefore not practicable now.
The right of people to choose their own course is exactly what we are supporting, and if foreign interference and subversion should end, the need for our help will end.
While the danger of the threat continues, American support will be firm and strong.
Secretary McNamara and a first-rate team have made a most careful study which has led to constructive suggestions that are now being reviewed within the Government.
We are strong, calm and determined, in a situation which has danger but also hope.
The Ambassador is our top man in the field, and you are proud of the U.S. unity which has been developed both here and in Vietnam in the first hundred days.

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