693. Memorandum of telephone conversation between McCone and Ball, June 251

[Facsimile Page 1]

McCONE—I was wondering whether you want to give some consideration to that note.

BALL—The Cuban note?


BALL—We talked about it yesterday and I think it isn’t—we didn’t regard it as that insulting. Actually it was delivered yesterday as I understand it.

McCONE—I thought it was to be delivered today.

BALL—No, it was delivered yesterday afternoon. It is always a question as to whether you serve your purposes better by tossing it back or not. They have taken the position that they are not going to give publicity to it. If we were to reject it it might incite them into trying to make something more out of it. I just thought that the easiest thing to do was to take it. I don’t think it transgresses the limit to that extent.

  1. Cuban note of protest. No classification marking. 1 p. Kennedy Library, Ball Papers, Telephone Conversations, Cuba.