607. Memorandum from Gordon Chase to McGeorge Bundy, January 301

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  • Cuba

Here are some of the latest developments in the Cuba situation.

1. The Brigade

The Attorney General, Mr. Cottrell, et al met with the Brigade leaders Tuesday night. Mr. Cottrell tells me that the first thing the Attorney General did was to take the Brigade leaders to one side and give them the word about the intelligence item which referred to Brigade members making speeches about the Bay of Pigs.

Evidently, the Attorney General is becoming well acquainted with the complexities of the problem. One ticklish aspect is Artime. An ambitious, young Cuban exile, he has hitched his political fortune to the Brigade as its civil agent. Since it is in his interest to see the Brigade as an independent, going concern with political overtones, he is apparently fighting hard to keep the Brigade from falling apart.

Bob Hurwitch is meeting today with Artime and Cardona. The climax should come Thursday night when the Attorney General and Mr. Cottrell meet with Brigade leaders, Artime, and Cardona.

2. Psychological Program

Mr. William Jorden has agreed to head a sub-group to prepare a psychological program in support of U.S. policy toward Cuba. He is now drafting a paper describing how he thinks his sub-group should operate. The paper will be completed this week.

3. Planning

Mr. Cottrell held a meeting today in which contingency planning and other planning were discussed. At the end of the meeting he asked that each of the agencies concerned give him the following information:

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1. A report on what the agencies are now doing and what they should do in the future to further the objectives listed in the policy paper.

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2. A report on what contingency plans the agencies already have and what further contingency papers they need to meet the Cuban situation.

4. Meetings

There will be a meeting tomorrow on our program against Cuban subversion in the hemisphere.

On Friday there will be a meeting on our policy toward exile groups in Florida. I have urged very quick action on this one in light of recent rumblings that Alpha 66 is going back into action in the near future.

Gordon Chase
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