588. Telegram 2600 from USUN, January 41

[Facsimile Page 1]

Pass to White House. Subject: Cuba Re Deptel 1889 (USUN 1996).

1. Confirming McCloy-Johnson TELCON, McCloy gave [illegible in the original] over telephone second and third PARAS as stated in REFTEL, and [illegible in the original] with omission of “fully” in second PARA.

2. In second PARA [illegible in the original] did not object to [illegible in the original] but resisted “degree” and [illegible in the original] McCloy said yes. [illegible in the original]

3. Kuznetsov [illegible in the original] revised second PARA to [illegible in the original].

4. Kuznetsov intends sign on behalf of SOVS, [illegible in the original] McCloy sign on behalf of US. McCloy said he not [illegible in the original], since he merely Chairman of Coordinating COMITE and not [illegible in the original] to UN or authorized by US to sign, and that only US REP to UN could sign.

  1. Confirmation of changes made in U.S. draft declaration. Confidential. USUN Files: NYFRC 84–84–001 1–B December/January Meetings.