486. NSC Executive Committee record of actions, November 31

Meeting No. 18
[Facsimile Page 1]

1. Director McCone presented the intelligence summary and called attention to preliminary indications that a submarine base may be under construction in Cuba.

2. Secretary McNamara reported that the President had earlier this morning authorized a peripheral U–2 flight. He recommended and the President authorized six low-level sorties, one over the IL 28 base, another over the Banes area and a third over the San Julian port area. A proposed flight over the port of Havana was deferred.

3. There followed a discussion of inspection arrangements satisfactory to us. The President emphasized the importance of inspecting Soviet ships returning missiles to the USSR in order to reassure us that all Soviet missiles are taken out. He reaffirmed the importance of ensuring that the Russians did not construct a submarine base or continue a military establishment in Cuba.

4. The President asked that the New York UN group meet with the Executive Committee later today to discuss inspection arrangements which we will insist on in negotiations with the Russians and the U.N. Secretary General.

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5. A draft announcement of the ending of our current nuclear test series was discussed. A revised announcement will be given to the President for final approval this afternoon.

McGeorge Bundy
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