299. Carter diary entry, September 141

[Facsimile Page 1]


1. Attended Special Group (Augmented) Meeting. Colonel Steakley outlined capabilities for low-level coverage of certain targets in Cuba. It was noted that the Secretary of Defense did not wish this operation considered further until the results of Agency reconnaissance in the same area are available. Further consideration was thus deferred until next week’s meeting. I said that special efforts will be required to identify certain installations, the nature of which is not clear at present (cruise missile sites at Banes, not identified conclusively at this time). It was agreed that the Joint Reconnaissance Center should keep an eye on all military flights in the Cuban area. (from Minutes)

2. “Action on low-level reconnaissance over Cuba was deferred until next week’s meeting. The Acting DCI pushed hard to keep the Group disposed toward a favorable consideration later. The Agency is to continue to press this matter.” (From Elder’s Memo for the Record)

3. See attached record of MONGOOSE meeting.

4. Went to ISO.

  1. Special Group (Augmented) meeting on low-level reconnaissance over Cuba. No classification marking. 1 p. CIA Files: Job 91–00741R, Box 1, Mongoose Papers.