246. Notes of a Special Group meeting, March 81

[Facsimile Page 1]

1. Mr. Dulles noted that a meeting is scheduled for Saturday morning to discuss broad policy aspects of this operation with Mr. Bundy’s associates. He told the Group, however, about operational developments during the past week, including the landing of the airplane in Jamaica and the arrival of its nine-man crew in Miami. Mr. Dulles also touched on the visit to the White House of the Guatemalan emissary, and the reported threat that Guatemala would proceed with its own anti-Castro activity if the U.S. did not move. He also reported some progress in developing a cohesive political organization among the Cuban exiles.

  1. Operational developments during the past week on the Cuba project. Secret 1 p. CIA, DDO/LA/COG Files: Job 82–00679R, Box 3, Special Group Mtgs—Cuba.